Best bars in Bled town

As in most of continental Europe, there is less of a pub culture than you find in the UK, the USA or Australia and New Zealand. More like France, bars here are usually restaurants and cafés as well. Some places change their character as the day progresses from coffee shop in the morning to loud party pub in the evening.

My favourite bars and other recommendations

With the usual caveat, these are my favourites and reflect my taste. There are two at the top of the list.

Pri Planincu

Grajska cesta 8, 4260 4260 Bled, Slovenia
Phone: +386 4 574 16 13

Pri Planincu
Pri Planincu

Small bar, part of a traditional restaurant with a pizzeria upstairs. This is the first bar I ever visited in Bled in 1996 and it is still the place I go to first. While the Belvedere Pavilion is historic for being the tea room of kings and presidents, Planincu is historic for being the pub of ordinary working people in Bled. Because, if you remove tourism from this town, it is essentially a rural farming community. Pri Planincu is part of the community, although, it attracts tourists in droves. The owner must be a motorbike fanatic. The walls and ceiling are decorated with vehicle number plates. I have spotted a motorbike in the rafters of the pizzeria. As mentioned earlier, many bars and restaurants in the region especially welcome bikers. This one positively encourages them.

The Kult Club

Ljubljanska cesta 4, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

In the shopping centre building but with a door onto the main road, this bar is for everyone one during the day but in the evening is much more for younger people. It is frequently used as a music venue. It is comfortable and plays a loud (but not too loud) music soundtrack during the day. On a hot day, it is cool and shaded inside.

I like the traditional bar features, the “at the movies” theme. There is an efficient service and a pretty good beer list, too.


I’ve not been there (and am unlikely to be there) in the evenings when the beat heats up. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for event announcements.

The George Best Back Bar

Grajska cesta 21a, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

This is an off the beaten track sports bar favoured by backpackers and adventure holiday makers during the summer. In the winter when the tourists are gone it is an after-work pub for locals. It is named after the Manchester United and Northern Ireland footballer George Best and consequently attracts supporters of both of those teams. It is a good basic bar and one of my regular haunts.

This is a hostel and sports bar, but regardless of when I visit the clientele is almost always Slovene, locals, people taking time away from work. It is disappointing to see each year  fewer examples of George Best memorabilia. Last year the Holywood Northern Ireland Supporters Club framed poster had gone, this year the small George Best mural is painted over. There is a (commercially available) print marking George’s funeral. As I leave I see a clock and pictures of London busses and Big Ben, something I cannot account for in this themed bar.  The eclectic 1970s to 1990s rock sound track has been replaced by Slovenia’s Radio 1. Change comes but losing the sports and in particular George Best and Manchester United theme to this bar would be a loss to Bled.

The beer is as it was, though and a good range – mainly lager. This is a pub with no pretentious. A plain bar for plain people. I love it, regardless. And soon it will be the nearest pub to the new car and coach park.

Bar Planinček

Prešernova cesta 11, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

This is a little bar and café hidden in plain sight between a bakery and the fire station (gasilski dom). It is small but perfectly formed. Although I have been inside, I more often have a beer outside, this is not a hot spot for tourism and that makes it a very welcoming and pleasant place to visit. Simple: beer (least expensive in town, possibly), coffee, snacks.

Pub Bled (Troha Pub)

cesta Svobode 19a, 4260 Bled, Slovenia
Phone: +386 4 574 26 22

Adjacent to the shopping centre this is a quiet and dark during the day often turning into a party pub in the evening. One of its advantages is that it is darker than most places in Bled, dark wood panels, dark wood tables, dark wood bar. The lights are low and not a lot of sunshine gets in. In other words, for many of us who have visited more than our fair share of bars, this is simply a pub. If you desire the sun, the light and the heat there is a small area outside where you can also smoke.

Devil Bar

cesta Svobode 15, 4260 4260 Bled, Slovenia

A large terrace outside and a large interesting interior. Once again, a place to escape on a hot afternoon. An enthusiastically loud party pub at night at the height of the summer. Inside it is beautiful; dark wood, high vaulted arched ceilings, tasteful décor. There is an extensive drinks menu, and attractively loud and active in the evenings.

Rock Bar

Ljubljanska cesta 5 Bled, Slovenia
Phone +386 41 622 526

The “Bikers Welcome” sign is at the door. Opening at 6:00 am, Rock Bar can be quiet during the day, although when town is busy, it is busy, too. Evening and night time is when this place comes to life. As you would expect the crowd is young(er) but not exclusively young and music is an important attraction. It is at the edge of the parking area and near the Sports Hall Bled (Športna dvorana Bled) complex.

Tiger Bar (Stari Tiger)

Cesta svobode 2, Bled, Slovenia
Phone +386 31 674 901


Almost opposite the bus station this is a cheap, cheerful bar with good fast service, a range of authentic Slovenian and central European food. Most of the seating and service is outside under shady chestnut trees.

It is among the earliest opening bars and restaurants in Bled with morning coffee served from 6:00 am and closes at midnight.

If you are going to eat there (and are a meat eater) focus on the local specialities like ćevapčići – skinless meat sausage. It tastes better than that description.

Dnevni Bar Škrbina

Cesta svobode 1, Bled, 4260 Bled

Flags of world may flutter around the terrace of this classic Bled bar, but it is not a sophisticated tourist pub. It is very much for locals. That said, it is friendly and welcoming. It is close to the bus station. 0.5l of Union is €2.40 a bela kava €1.80 (May 2018) about what you would expect to pay. It is a perfectly decent place. If you are fed up with fellow tourists and want a quiet break from them, this is worth considering.