Around the World 7 February 2020


Around the World is available live on Slice Audio every Friday from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm (repeated with a couple of extra tunes from 3:00 to 5:00 am on Saturday) and usually you can listen to the streaming files from Mixcloud here from Saturday afternoon.





1 Lakou Mizik Iko Kreyòl (feat. Win Butler, Regine Chassagne, Preservation Hall Jazz Band & 79rs Gang) Lakou Mizik
2 Suu No Eres Tan Especial Ventura
3 Track Dogs I’ve Needed You Fire on the Rails
4 Xabi Aburruzaga Reel québécois (feat. Yves Lambert) Reel québécois (feat. Yves Lambert) – Single
5 Choi Woo Shik Soju One Glass Parasite (Original Soundtrack)
6 Abavuki Papa Was a Rolling Stone Africa Got Soul
8 Cab Calloway Jumpin’ Jive Hi De Ho Man: Cab Calloway Classics
9 Silvana Estrada Carta Carta – Single
10 Afro Celt Sound System The Migration Medley: Flight Flight
11 Afro Celt Sound System The Migration Medley: Migration (Mo Bhrón Ar An Bhfarraige / My Grief on the Ocean) Flight
12 Afro Celt Sound System The Migration Medley: Homecoming Flight
13 Romano Drom But Te Trajisz Give Me Wine
14 Remna Zona Zero Zona Zero
15 Kardajala Kirridarra Abala Barlawa (Everything Was At Peace) Kardajala Kirridarra
16 Carmen Souza Soul Searching The Silver Messengers
x Thin Lizzy Bad Reputation Bad Reputation
1 Jiggy Tal Hypernova
2 Ana Prada Fiesta Fiesta – Single
3 Odd Morris Cold Water Cold Water – Single
4 Alba Reche Niña Quimera
5 Ballaké Sissoko & Baba Sissoko Bi Djeliya Sissoko & Sissoko
6 XTC Senses Working Overtime English Settlement
7 Manhu Banquet Dance Manhu: Banquet Dance – Single
8 Mary PopKids All You Can Keep All You Can Keep
9 Paul Brady & The Forest Rangers Gimme Shelter Sons of Anarchy: Shelter – EP
0 Banda Matatu Safari Safari – Single
11 Pintandwefall Titanic Your Stories Baby
12 Bombino Imajghane (The Tuareg People) Deran
13 Orange Blossom Ya Sîdi (Générique de la série “Marseille”)  
x Kris Kristofferson Best of All Possible Worlds Kristofferson

Lakou Mizik        Iko Kreyòl                            Lakou Mizik7

(feat. Win Butler (Arcade Fire’s Win Butler),

Regine Chassagne, Preservation Hall Jazz Band & 79rs Gang)       


Caribbean flavours delivered with Creole lyrics

Lakou Mizik




Suu        No Eres Tan Especial       Ventura

Spanish woman Suu Ventura – second album.


Track Dogs          I’ve Needed You               Fire on the Rails

Track Dogs @TrackDogsMusic

2 🇮🇪 1 🇬🇧 1 🇺🇸 based in 🇪🇸 #Folk #Americana #Latino


Xabi Aburruzaga               Reel québécois (feat. Yves Lambert)        Reel québécois (feat. Yves Lambert) – Single

Xabi Aburruzaga @XabiAburruzaga

Xabi Aburruzaga (Portugalete 1978). Basque button accordion player & composer. Trikitilari eta konposatzailea. Acordeonista (trikitixa) y compositor.


“Yves Lambert and his trio carry the flag for contemporary Quebecois folk. Lambert himself has been active for something in the region of forty years, both as a solo artist and a member of La Bottine Souriante, and is considered something of a cultural phenomenon in his homeland.”



Choi Woo Shik                   Soju One Glass                  Parasite (Original Soundtrack)

Choi Woo-shik (born March 26, 1990) is a Korean-Canadian actor. He first gained widespread recognition for his role in the film Set Me Free (2014). He then went on to co-star in the films Train to Busan (2016) and Parasite (2019), both of which received international critical acclaim and success.

최우식 @actwoosiq

As of 5 February 2020, Parasite has grossed $33.2 million in the United States and Canada, and $132.2 million in other territories (including $72 million from South Korea), for a worldwide total of $165.4 million

99% From Rotten Tomatoes

Opening all over the place this weekend


Abavuki                 Papa Was a Rolling Stone             Africa Got Soul

Originally Temptations 1972 New album from the Cape Town band who play throughout the world

abavuki @AbavukiMusic


Cab Calloway     Jumpin’ Jive        Hi De Ho Man: Cab Calloway Classics

July 1939


Silvana Estrada  Carta     Carta – Single

20 year old Mexican singer songwriter – next performance 15 March in Mexico City




Afro Celt Sound System The Migration Medley: Flight      Flight

Afro Celt Sound System The Migration Medley: Migration (Mo Bhrón Ar An Bhfarraige / My Grief on the Ocean)  Flight

Afro Celt Sound System The Migration Medley: Homecoming      Flight

This album is the one I have enjoyed most in the year I have been doing the show. So three tracks – or if you prefer one long track with three movements.


Romano Drom   But Te Trajisz     Give Me Wine


Remna  Zona Zero            Zona Zero

“REMNA is an African treasure. Born in Senegal Remna Schwarz has lived in countries like Congo, Mali, Senegal, Guiné, Cabo Verde França, Cuba or even the EUA, Remna performed in South by Southwest Festival in Texas USA, receiving great reviews with the likes of Wobean Music naming his music of “Great Pan African Music”.”


Kardajala Kirridarra          Abala Barlawa (Everything Was At Peace)             Kardajala Kirridarra

Kardajala Kirridarra translates to ‘Sandhill Women’ and refers to a mysterious bush woman from the sandhills behind the community of Marlinja, NT. The descendants of this bush woman, these compelling women are from the communities of Marlinja and Kulumindini (Elliott) and together with Melbourne producer Beatrice they form Kardajala Kirridarra.



Carmen Souza   Soul Searching   The Silver Messengers




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