Belfast Music Survey


I’m part of the Belfast Music steering group working to improve music as an industry in Belfast and all Northern Ireland. You can help by taking this survey

Here’s the announcement from Belfast Music. Sound Diplomacy are the consultancancy carrying out the survey.

Sound Diplomacy are working with Belfast City Council to create a comprehensive Music Strategy and Recovery Plan for the City of Belfast. You can read more about the project at  

 We need YOU to be part of this by completing their survey  ….. it is aimed at audiences and music tourists, the Belfast music industry, all musicians based in Northern Ireland, music businesses, and all relevant stakeholders to the Belfast music ecosystem – including the general public . Our goal is to identify the challenges and opportunities you face and the common goals you have with other local creators, industry leaders and audiences in order to ensure a healthy and growing local music industry post-Covid 19 and beyond! #NIMusic #belfastvenues #belfastmusic #music #recovery

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