Around the World Preview – 18 & 20 July 2021


Here’s the running order for this week’s show.

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[Notes below


cBajofondo & Natalia Oreiro

Listo Pa’Bailar Listo Pa’ Bailar << Будем танцевать >> – EP
Jupiter & Okwess Abalegele Gale (feat. Preservation Hall Jazz Band) Na Kozonga
Kady Diarra Sou Burkina Hakili
Quintana Bye Bye Lullaby  Quintana – Single
Assurd Miez a na Via (feat. Elio 100GR, Chiara Carnevale & Fulvio Di Nocera) Miez a na Via (feat. Elio 100GR, Chiara Carnevale & Fulvio Di Nocera) – Single
Dan Gharibian Trio Da svidaniya madame Da svidaniya madame
Dan Gharibian Trio Hasta la Vista Señora Da svidaniya madame
Rhiannon Giddens O Death (with Francesco Turrisi) They’re Calling Me Home (with Francesco Turrisi)
Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble Aya Djidjè Na Minkpo – Happiness for All Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble
Kady Diarra Fo O Biaré Burkina Hakili
Nedim Nalbantoğlu Hi Jazz Yeni Dünya “The New World”
Susanne Sundfør Reincarnation Music For People In Trouble
Small Island Big Song Ka Va’ai Mai Koe (Small Island Raw) [feat. Yoyo Tuki] Ka Va’ai Mai Koe (Small Island Raw) [feat. Yoyo Tuki] – Single
Dom Martin Laundromat Dom Martins Savages Live At the Harlington
AfroCubism Jarabi  
Part 2    
Saint Sister Manchester Air Where I Should End
Kady Diarra Mi Ouezo Mouna Burkina Hakili
Ian Lasserre Minha Bahia Átimo
Ballake Sissoko Guelen (feat. Salif Keita) DJOUROU
La Chicana Malísimo Hikikomori
Joshua Burnside & Laura Quirke Far Away the Hills Are Green Far Away the Hills Are Green – Single
Burl Ives The Big Rock Candy Mountain Family Favourites – 75 Original Recordings From the Golden Age of Radio
Tania Saleh I Hate Everything 10 A.D
LEENALCHI Please Don’t Go Please Don’t Go – Single
Kady Diarra  Fantan Burkina Hakili
Merry Hell Sailor Emergency Lullabies
Božo Vrećo Sanjao Sam (feat. Marko Louis)
Stefano Saletti & Banda Ikona Canterrante (feat. Lucilla Galeazzi & Riccardo Tesi) Medeteraneo Ostinato

Recent shows: Last week was a summer party dance special – all music with very little from me. If you are looking for something different to play in the background at your next BBQ, this is just the thing.

The first hour of the party is here [Around the World Pt1 – 11 & 13 July] and

the second hour is here [Around the World Pt 2 – 11 & 13 July].

A more conventional show is here, the provious week, [Around the World Pt 1 – 4 & 6 July]

and [Around the World Pt 2 – 4 & 6 July].

Here’s the running order for the 4 & 6 July with notes, videos and links

Here’s the running order for 11 & 13 July (no notes just running order and listen again).

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Earworms: Do you know the expression (I know not all readers have English as a first language)? It’s when a song gets into your mind and just will not shift. There are two songs that are earworms for me in the show this week. This is the first of them. Anyone for a Tango?

It’s not electronic tango, it’s contemporary music from the Río de la Plata‘ (Spanish)

Bajofondo are from Argentina and Uruguay – the Río de la Plata region. While they might not be well known (even known) on this side of the Atlantic, they are a big deal in the Americas. Natalia Oreiro is not a permanent member of the grooup. She is an Uruguayan singer, actress, and fashion designer who lives in Argentina. Around a year ago applied for a Russian passport. So the lyrics of this version are sung in Rusian and lyrics are here in Russian Cyrillic script.

Listo Pa’Bailar is the Bajofondo’s best known (as both a song and instrumental) and most commercial number in this form. I recommend their most recent album Aura which is all instrumental and a Grammy nominee last year.

The other earworm? You’ll just have to listen to the show – I’ll be playing it in Part 2 and the only hint I will give you is it is a description of hobo paradise.

Other new music: One of the most impressive albums I’ve heard in recent weeks is from Finland. Finland has as a diverse music output as you could possible expect from experiemntal electro-folk to dark metal to lulabays. The Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble are from Finland and Benin (and Zimbabwe, I think). Their new and 5th album Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble is a great piece of work. This isn’t the track I’ll be playing …

… there is no video for the track I have planned, but that was the song I played a couple of weeks ago. And if you like that, theis is them playing live for an hour or so at the Sziget Festival in Hungry in 2015.

OK, while you might expect otherwise, Quintana is the song and Bye Bye Lullaby the band, or more precisely the duo, are Esther Valverde vocals and violin and Dani H. Serrano electric guitar and on this track the collaboration of Jairo Zavala (Depedro – who is a person/project not a band – it’s all too confusing) on acoustic guitar and Jacob Valenzuela (Calexico) on trumpets.

But a great song and video.

Anyone else for more Tango? How about La Chicana? “Acho Estol and Dolores Solá have spent 25 years revivifying tango and other Argentinian and international musical genres with wit, verve and intelligence. The title of their ninth album is a Japanese word used to describe a prolonged period of social isolation or withdrawal; usually the consequence of modern life …” [Songlines]

Even order and more wrinkled than me section of the show: This goes to the remarkable Dan Gharibian and his Trio. “If Bratsch was the spearhead of Gypsy and Eastern music in the 1980s and 90s and until that fateful date of December 31, 2015 when they stopped traveling the world, Dan Gharibian is one of its emblematic figures. Cowboy boots never left, oriental elegance, a remarkable “face” among all and above all a Voice. A voice that seems to have absorbed all the fumes of rebetiko bars, rubbed with arak and vodka; a voice that sings Gypsy, Armenian, Russian songs and ballads, the Greek blues. So welcome to this new trio which brings together Benoit Convert from “Man’s fingers” and Antoine Girard, child of the ball, nurtured from an early age on these ballads.” [Lamastrock Records]

Album of the week: The featured album is Kady Diarra’s Burkina Hakili. Kady is from Burkino Faso. She’s been involved in music all her life as her family and previous generations have been.

“Kady Diarra offers a repertoire that combines the sensuality of music from the Sahel and the festive energy of African percussions. A detonating mix or traditionsancestral and relentless grooves come together for an intoxicating album. A voice and music full of energy and generosity, welcoming and at the crossroads of multiple musical influences like Burkina Faso.” [Translation from Bandcamp where you can get the album]

Here’s one of the tracks I’ll be playing

Locally sourced produce: The global jukebox reduces the airmiles by including some of the the best and freshest local music. And time to celebrate as Saint Sister’s Where I Should End has been released. Here’s a livestream of the album from earlier this month


Dom Martin also has a live album “Dom Martins Savages Live At the Harlington”. Here’s one track, but I’ll be playing a Rory Gallagher cover.

And also on the show the new single from Joshua Burnside & Laura Quirke


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And remember to let me know if you have any ideas for music I should chase up.


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