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Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Raquel Sofia & Fuego (Yo No Quiero Ir A) Chelsea ((I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea) Spanish Model
Bandé-Gamboa Pé Di Bissilon Horizonte – Revamping Old Classics from Cabo Verde and Guinea-Bissau
Clare Sands Iontach Bheith Beo (Good to be Alive) (feat. BRÍDÍN) Iontach Bheith Beo (Good to be Alive) (feat. BRÍDÍN) – Single
Trio Mandili Apareka With Love
Antonis Antoniou Baris Kkismettin
Dobet Gnahoré Zaliguéhi Couleur
Elvis Costello & The Attractions & Cami Radio, Radio [beware of end] Spanish Model
Duo Ruut Tantsma Kutsumine Kulla Kerguseks – EP
Joe Troop Love Along the Way (feat.  ) Borrowed Time
Nour Fretiekh Jaffa – Everything Has Changed Henna young female voices from Palestine
Bapi Das Baul, Baul Bishwa, Sankar Saha & Samik Chakrabarty Kolshi River of Happy Souls
Balimaya Project Balimaya Wolo So
Laurent Garnier & The Limiñanas Saul De Película
Elvis Costello & The Attractions & Cami La Chica De Hoy (This Year’s Girl) Spanish Model
Part 2    
Peha Den Medzi Nedelou a Pondelkom Den Medzi Nedelou a Pondelkom
La Panika Anapse to Tsigaro Anapse to Tsigaro – Single
Hamdi Benani, Mehdi Haddab & Speed Caravan Achek Mamhoun Nuba Nova
Elvis Costello & The Attractions & Nina Diaz No Action Spanish Model
Danny Keane Twenty Tonnes of Tension Roamin’
GUAI Som do Samba (feat. Arthur Maia) CAPITANIA
Abderrahmane Abdelli In Paradise Songs of Exile
Rachel Magoola Kati Kantwaala Resilience: Songs of Uganda
동양고주파 Arcade Arcade – Single
Elvis Costello & The Attractions & Juanes Pump It Up Spanish Model
Naragonia Jos Petrol The Guesthouse Sessions
Los Lobos Jamaica Say You Will Native Sons
Kongero Kling Klang (Live) Live In Longueuil (Live)
Natalia Lafourcade Mi Religión Un Canto por México, Vol. 1

Here’s this weeks newsletter:



Around the World is on Slice AudioFerry FM, and Radio Larne on Sundays at 10:00 pm to midnight. On Tuesdays at 7:00 pm the show is broadcast on Bangor FMLisburn’s 98FM and FM105 Down Community Radio

Bonjour à toutes et à tous, γεια σε όλους, გამარჯობა ყველას, 여러분, 안녕하세요 but especially buenos días a todas y a todos. Just a few of the languages to be heard in this week’s show and “especially” Spanish because of the featured album.

And another special greeting to all the new readers of the newsletter. Thanks to everyone for signing up and remember, I’m keen to hear your suggestions for the show, too.

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See last week’s running order is here

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This Week’s Feeatured Album: Way back in the mid-1970s, an Irishman called Dave Robinson set up a record label with Jake Riviera. Stiff Records signed musicians like The Damned, Wreckless Eric, Ian Dury, and Elvis Costello. Costello’s second album was “This Year’s Model” released the same year I became a fledgling radio DJ. And I played it and played it and played it.

On the featured album this week, (I Don’t Want to Go To) Chelsea becomes (Yo No Quiero Ir A) Chelsea; This Year’s Girl, La Chica de Hoy; Night Rally La Turba. The Spanish Model is the old Elvis Costello and the Attraction’s recording with Spanish speaking musicians either fronting or duetting with Costello.

I sat and listened and smiled throughout. Here’s the back story from NMERolling Stone and Variety.

I’ll be playing 5 – not 4 – tracks, because it’s so good (and the tunes are so short!)

Some other highlights: As far as I can see Trio Mandili have only released two albums. But they have made dozens of simple YouTube videos and the track I’ll be playing Apareka is probably the first. (After this, it seems, they realised they could get a better shot holding the phone camera landscape not portrait.) They videos follow a very simple template. The three young women make a selfie video as they walk along country roads, through villages, fields and so on singing in close harmony accompanied by a panduri, a traditional Georgian string instrument. 



The summer’s gone … but looking back, this is a good way to remember sunnier days Clare Sands Iontach Bheith Beo (Good to be Alive) featuring BRÍDÍN.

The 16-piece London/African band Balimaya Project have a very impressive album Wolo So. Here’s a live performance from last month



A Korean band I’m looking forward to seeing at WOMEX at the end of the month is Dong-Yang-Gojupa.


And there is a lot more!

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