Around the World – 6 & 8 February 2022


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track Album
Part 1    
Divanhana Ćilim Zavrzlama
Track Dogs Carolina in My Mind Where to Now?
MEUTE Peace Peace – Single
Alostmen Carry Me Go Teach Me
Watkins Family Hour Blowin’ Down This Road Home In This World: Woody Guthrie’s Dustbowl Ballads
AZUEI Alegba (feat. James Germain) Artybonito
Purbayan Chatterjee Khula Asmaan (Firmament) [feat. Jordan Rudess, Javed Ali, Darshan Doshi, Taufiq Qureshi & Paras Nath] Unbounded (Abaad)
Alessia Tondo Cacciala fore Sita
Alostmen Do Good (feat. Medikal) Teach Me
Monsieur Periné Volverte a Ver Volverte a Ver – Single
Ade Goci Kuza e Asi (feat. Andrea Motis) Hello Cabo Verde
Nani Noam Vazana Una Segunda Piel  Ke Haber
Serena della Monica & Le Ninfe della Tamorra Femmena comm’ a ‘mme Scaramantrika
Rizomagic Ñocoñoco Voltaje Raizal
Part 2    
Piers Faccini The Damned and the Saved The Damned and the Saved – Single
Gaisha Ghalat Ghalat – Single
Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita Allah Léno SUBA
Alostmen Minus Me (feat. Ambolley) Teach Me
Alenti Ollandikes Antilles Jasmine
De Danann Arrival of the Queen of Sheba to Galway How the West Was Won
Aster Aweke Emiye Ethiopia Emiye Ethiopia – Single
Ritva Nero Rahapolska Helsingistä Immortal Tradition
Tone Of Voice Orchestra, Trine-Lise Vaering & Fredrik Lundin He Loves Her for It (feat. Christian Mohr Levisen) Tone of Voice Orchestra
Franck Biyong Negropolitaines The Afrovision Secret
Alostmen Teach Me (Original Ghana Mix) Teach Me
Riccardo Tesi, Elena Ledda, Lucilla Galeazzi, Alessio Lega, Nando Citarella & Maurizio Geri Bella Ciao (a Sud) (feat. Ginevra Di Marco, Peppe Voltarelli, Moni Ovadia & Mario Incudine) A sud di Bella Ciao
Ben Charles A Raça É uma, Ana Carimbó Electro Seco ou o Amor e a Esperança em Tempos de Aquecimento Global (feat. Ilce Filgueiras)
Syssi Mananga Tata Wana (feat. Chris Bakalanga) Tata Wana (feat. Chris Bakalanga) – Single

Hi and welcome to another preview of Around the World – and for those who asked, I’m feeling much better, thanks.

The preview usually leaves me on a Thursday evening and if you subscribe will be with you in plenty of time before the show goes out. You can also use it to contact me – or you can do that through the blog here.

See last week’s running order here (Around the World – 30 January & 1 February 2022). You can listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of last week’s show and all previous shows on Mixcloud here

Around the World is on Slice AudioFerry FM, and Radio Larne on Sundays at 10:00 pm to midnight. On Tuesdays at 7:00 pm the show is broadcast on Bangor FMLisburn’s 98FM and FM105 Down Community Radio. 

Featured Album: Around the World is a weekly galivant to find extraordinary music from unusual places. Ethiopia, India, Cabot Vert, Finland, Italy, Nigeria over these two hours. The featured album this week by the Ghanian band Alostmen is from the summer last year. The album is Teach Me.

Alostmen’s music is based around the Frafra traditions of the kologo, a stringed lute, using traditional instrumentation in entirely new ways. “I like to force my instrument to work,” explains Stevo. “I’m a yout’man and into rap, reggae, Malian music. I add these to the band’s sound.”

“I had toured with Stevo in my band Afro Gypsy in 2017,” Wanlov continues, “and we recorded the tracks for this album on the road in Uganda and North West Ghana in hotel rooms” The band comprises Stevo (kologo, vocals), Jo Ajusiwine (goje fiddle, vocals), Aminu Amadu (talking drum) and Sowah (gome box, djembe and conga) while featured guests include highlife legend Gyedu-Blay Ambolley and Ghanaian stars Yaa Pono and Medikal.

“We are Alostmen because we were lost in the street, the forgotten people,” explains Stevo. “People at home see music as a teaching so I always try give my community hope to achieve.” Strut Records


Also on the show: There’s more from the featured album from a few weeks ago “Home In This World: Woody Guthrie’s Dustbowl Ballads” [Rolling Stone review]. It’s a reconstruction of the first series of recordings by Woody Guthrie, set in a time of drought, unemployment, unstable weather, ruined crops. The dustbowl storms swept through the American and Canadian prairies during the 1930s. They damaged the ecology and agriculture of the mid-west and destroyed jobs and living standards. Woodie Guthrie was one of the thousands of people who headed west to California to find work. During that time he began writing and recording the dust bowl songs. They were released in 1940’s and covered here  by 14 contemporary musicians including the The Watkins Family Hour track I’ll be playing.

One of my favourite albums is Scaramantrika by Serena della Monica & Le Ninfe della Tamorra. It was released in 2014. There is a new “version” which is not quite a re-release although it has the same title. This recent version  is a combination of some of the tracks the original Scaramantrika the 2017 Femmene album. While it may be disappointing that there is nothing new, it’s good to hear again.

This isn’t the track I’ll be playing but here we go … 1, 2, 3, 4

“One of Hamburg’s most unusual and most successful new music projects,” according to the German publication Ziet, “is MEUTE – They are a techno marching band – eleven drummers and horn players.” I’ve been playing MEUTE since I started the show and included them a few weeks ago. Here we go again.

If you ever go to Sarajevo … The show begins in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Zavrzlama is the 7th release from sevdah band Divanhana. It was released last week. I’m very fond of sevdah music from the Balkans. It’s quite often  introspective, reserved sometimes a bit formal. But not all of it and Divanhana a lot more upbeat

Sevdah is found all over the Balkans. Historically the music goes back to the Ottoman Empire. And should you ever go to Sarajevo there is a little café in the old town The Sevdah Café. Apart from being a very pleasant place to get a Bosnian coffee, there is a museum of sevdalinka culture. Ans as promised I’ve put the link to it on the blog.

Tone Of Voice Orchestra found me through the blog. Trinelise Væring sent an email; “I co-lead and work with PR for a Danish 10-piece band Tone of Voice Orchestra. Original music, a mix of our Scandinavian roots and global influences. I have a hunch you would enjoy this.” And she was right!

Other music included this week. Ade, Alenti, Alessia Tondo, Aster Aweke, AZUEI Ben Charles, De Danann, Gaisha, Monsieur Periné

Nani Noam Vazana, Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita, Piers Faccini, Riccardo Tesi, Ritva Nero, Syssi Mananga, and Track Dogs.

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