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Artist Reack Album
Part 1    
Ana Alcaide Ecstasi Ecstasi – Single
Piers Faccini The Damned and the Saved The Damned and the Saved – Single
Riccardo Tesi, Elena Ledda, Lucilla Galeazzi, Alessio Lega, Nando Citarella & Maurizio Geri Cu ti lu dissi A sud di Bella Ciao
Alenti & Yannis Dionysiou Giasemi Jasmine
Los Lobos Farmer John Native Sons
Baba Sissoko Dala Manka (feat. Jean-Philippe Rykiel, Lansiné Kouyaté & Madou Sidiki Diabate) Griot Jazz (feat. Jean-Philippe Rykiel, Lansiné Kouyaté & Madou Sidiki Diabate)
Arooj Aftab Baghon Main (feat. Darian Donovan Thomas) Vulture Prince
Lamia Bedious & Solis Barki Song Of The Bride Fin’amor
Ogun Afrobeat Gnawa Unite
Tone Of Voice Orchestra, Trine-Lise Vaering & Fredrik Lundin Heartless (feat. Joel Illerhag, Maria Kynne & Ania Rybacka) Tone of Voice Orchestra
Smadj, Chico António & Rhodalia Silvestre U Ta Phela Maputo Electronico
Claudio Prima & Seme Easy Enjoy
Kondi Band Don’t Follow Sweetness We Famous
Johnny Me Di3 Ne Wo (You Belong To Me) Karl Hector Presents: Johnny!
Part 2    
Oumou Sangaré Sarama Timbuktu
Xoán Curiel O voss’amigo trist’e sem razom Treides comigo
Divanhana Lola Zavrzlama
Mary Hopkins Goodbye Thise were the days
Aleksandr Vertinskiy Дорогой длинною – The Long Road -DOROGOY GLINNOO Дорогой длинною
Ritva Nero Megapolka Immortal Tradition
Maria Mazzotta & Pulcinella La foule Grifone
Moonshye Blue Horse (feat. Pavel Smid & Joanna Szczęsnowicz) Curtain of the Moon
Susana Baca Milonga de mis amores Palabras Urgentes
Nomfusi Wave of Love The Red Stoep
Tuulikki Bartosik Robertsfors Robertsfors – Single
Silvana Estrada Marchita Marchita
¿Who’s the Cuban? Nunca mataré Nunca mataré – Single
Dobranotch Chabad Nigunim Zay Freylekh!

Apologies for last week’s double posting … it was an administrative error (i.e. I messed up!)

Hello. There will be 28 songs on the show this week, from 28 artists. among them an early 20th century Russian cabaret singer, a 1960s winner of Opportunity Knocks, music promoting the Galician language, artists from Pakistan, Algeria, Sierra Leone, Greece. You’ll hear music usic from here to (literally) Timbuktu.

See last week’s running order here (Around the World – 13 & 15 February 2022). You can listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of last week’s show and all previous shows on Mixcloud here

Around the World is on Slice AudioFerry FM, and Radio Larne on Sundays at 10:00 pm to midnight. On Tuesdays at 7:00 pm the show is broadcast on Bangor FMLisburn’s 98FM and FM105 Down Community Radio. 

Album of the Week: There isn’t one. This month, there is far too much music to get in. Every week I leave out about 10 or 12 songs that I haven’t had the time to fit in. This week and possibly for a few following weeks, I’ll be focusing on more artists.



Here are some:

Bella Ciao – A Sud di Bella Ciao – Various Artists

Including: Riccardo Tesi, Elena Ledda, Lucilla Galeazzi, Alessio Lega, Nando Citarella & Maurizio Geri

“From the balconies to the piazza: Bella Ciao is the hymn of freedom and hope. It rang out from the balconies and windows of our cities when we had to go into quarantine from one day to the next,” is how the doyen of the Italian folk scene Riccardo Tesi describes the new relevance of the world-famous song at the time of the lockdown, when Corona had Italy in its grip – but the people reassured each other by sending out musical life signs every evening. [More from]

Baba Sissoko Griot Jazz I’ll be playing more from this excellent and very accessible album which features Jean-Philippe Rykiel, Lansiné Kouyaté and Madou Sidiki Diabate. Griot music often feature in the show. If you want to know more about the Griots of west Africa, here’s an explanation from The Met Museum “How Griots Tell Legendary Epics through Stories and Songs in West Africa

Arooj Aftab is a magnificent singer from Pakistan now based in Brooklyn New York. She was born in Saudi Aribia, daughter of Pakistani parents. The family returned to Lahore when she was 10 years old. There she would teach herself guitar. Here singing technique derived from listening to Billie Holiday, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Mariah Carey, Begum Akhtar. When she was 19 she moved to Bouton USA and studied Music Production, Engineering and Jazz Composition at Boston’s Berklee College of Music. Then to New York where she has been living and working since.

Vulture Prince is her third album. Bird Under Water was self-released in 2014 and Siren Islands in 2018 on New Amsterdam Records. Her Vulture Prince album is on Bandcamp. Here’s a video from last year.

Arooj Aftab – Diya Hai (Feat. Badi Assad)


Maria Mazotta’s lunchtime performamce at WOMEX left the whole audience emotionally exahusted. It was one of the performances of the festival. I’ll be playing another track from Maria Mazzotta & Pulcinella’s Grifone but in the meantime – put this up on a big screen in a dark room with the speaker turned up high.

MARIA MAZZOTTA live at WOMEX 2021 (Porto)

Lamia Bedioui & Solis Barki’s Fin’amor can be a difficult album to get into easily but it’s rewarding if you persist. I’ll be playing another track from it. “Lamia Bedioui and Solis Barki, convey the pulse of the motherland, with an album, full of rhythms and soundscapes. Songs around the world (Algeria, Palestine, France, Sephardic tradition of Bulgaria and Bosnia, Egypt, Eskimos, Lapland….) from the 13th century until the 20th century. An album for voice, and percussion , open to improvisation.” [WOMEX]

Lamia Bedioui & Solis Barki – Fin’amor


Tone of Voice Orchestra from Denmark have their first album out soon. They already have three singles. I’ll be playing their first, Heartless.

Tone of Voice Orchestra – “Heartless”


Oumou Sangaré’s forthcoming album is Timbuktu. It’s set for release in April with Sarama the trail single/video. Bamako in Mali – where she was born – has been the home of many, many leading African musicians

Oumou Sangaré – Sarama


Other Music on the show

Moonshye is a Czech alternative singer first introduced herself in 2017 in Lodz, Poland, which became her home and creative port for several years. She is now back in the Czech Republic and giving concerts in both countries. She performs solo with guitar, loop station and charang or with guests. [More from Sound Czech]

Piers Faccini is an English singer songwriter and painter. He was born in London to an Italian father and an English mother. Faccini studied painting at the Beaux Arts in Paris in the early 90’s before first appearing on the music scene in London in 1996 co-founding the band Charley Marlowe with the poet Francesca Beard. [France Rocks]

Piers recently presented a very enjoyable show on France Inter with music from Mississippi John Hurt, Yelli Yelli, Joni Mitchell, Ben Harper, Pentangle and others. You can listen to it here.

Xoán Curiel is an artist who stands out for his creativity and prolific work in the Galician music scene. Singer, composer, musician, actor and director, he has been developing his career in Santiago de Compostela for twenty years. He now presents Treides Comigo !, a mature work in which he has extraordinary collaborations and musicians. []

And what of the early 20th century Russian cabaret singer, a 1960s winner of Opportunity Knocks? You’re just going to have to listen to the show to hear about that.


WCME Nominations: In the middle of each month I and around 40 other broadcasters and journalists post 10 nominations for the World Music Chart Europe. These are my 10 for the March chart.

Album – Artist – Label – Country

1 – Folk utca – Romengo & Lakatos – music hungary zeneműkiadó – Hungary

2 – Um Gosto de Sol – Céu – Urban Jungle – Brazil

3 – Nomfusi – The Red Stoep – Delicious Tunes – South Africa

4 – Various – A sud di Bella Ciao – Visage – Italy

5 – Imarhan – Aboogi – City Slang – Algeria

6 – Divanhana – Zavrzlama – CPL Music – Bosnia and Herzegovina

7 – Dorota Barová – Dotyk Animal Music – Czechia

8 – Alenti – Jasmine – Alenti – Greece

9 – Franck Biyong – The Afrovision Secret – Akhetaton Records – Cameroon

10 Curtain of the Moon  – Moonshye – Rustical Records – Czechia

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