Around the World Preview – 27 & 29 March 2022


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This week’s preview starts with Etran De L’Aïr’s Toubouk Ine Chihoussay

Etran de L’Aïr are a wedding band based in the town of Agadez, an urban center of the desert, and a city renowned for the production of music – in particular the electric guitar and the so-called “desert blues”.

The name Etran de L’Aïr translates to “the Stars of the Aïr,” the mountainous region of Northern Niger. The group incorporate vastly different music into their repertoire, maintaining a festive electric style executed by a constant dialogue between three guitars. Their music is often celebrated at weddings, baptisms, political events and outdoor soirees. [Le Guess Who?]

Vigüela – English subtitles – 30 Years of Rural Spanish Folk

Over the last month I have been playing tracks from “A la manera artesana”. They are a rural flemenco band continuing the line of Spanish country music. But this short documentary will explain in their (English sub-titled) words.

Anouar Kaddour Chérif – Djawla

“An excerpt from the concert-vernissage of Anouar Kaddour Chérif’s first solo album, which took place on January 8, 2022 at the CityClub in Pully.

“The Algerian musician Anouar Kaddour Chérif’s album Djawla (“stroll” in Arabic) “tells the nuances of a life course punctuated by music. From his childhood spent in Sétif, in Algeria, Anouar Kaddour Cherif is carried by a musical impulse which leads him to play for large Arab-Andalusian orchestras, where he is one of the youngest singers, and within multiple nomadic formations. who explore popular North African music – gnaoua, chaâbi, and so many other folklores.

“At twenty-four, he decided to leave, his mandola in hand, to start all over again elsewhere, in Switzerland. He makes his exile a harmonic quest of which he recounts the mysteries, the openness to the world and how much music saves from the double absence of being undocumented. He delivers here an intimate and powerful first album that explores raw sensations, sunless winters and the joy of encounters that make all the difference. [Notes from YouTube video]

Le Vent du Nord – Ma Louise

All you need to know about and hear from Le Vent du Nord

“Not only considered an incomparable French-speaking ambassador, Le Vent du Nord is a motor of the Quebec progressive folk movement, as well as a leading group in the revival movement of traditional music in Quebec. Since its foundation in 2002, it has experienced a meteoric rise that never ceases to amaze!

It has performed more than 2,000 concerts on 4 continents, has released 10 albums and has been the recipient of many prestigious awards including a GRAND PRIX DU DISC CHARLES CROS (France), two JUNO AWARDS (Canada) as well as being awarded ARTISTE DE THE YEAR at the International Folk Alliance Conference (2004) than at the Canadian Folk Music Awards!

In 2015, it won a FÉLIX at ADISQ and in recognition of his work in international dissemination, was the first recipient of the PONT TRANSATLANTIQUE Prize jointly awarded by BabelMed/Mundial Montreal in France. More recently, it was honored to receive the Édith Butler/Bell Media Prize (2019) awarded by the Society of Professional Authors-Compositors of Quebec (SPACQ). Its qualities as performers, arrangers and composers as well as its very strong stage presence imbued with deep generosity are now recognized worldwide. Today formed by singers and multi-instrumentalists Nicolas Boulerice, Simon Beaudry (since 2003), Olivier Demers and Réjean Brunet (since 2007) and André Brunet (since December 30, 2017) the group performs works from the traditional repertoire as well as original compositions. A music which, without any doubt, is well of its time.” [Translated from the band’s website]

Marta Elena – De la Habana a Toronto

And while staying in Canada (Toronto this time) Marta Elena’s music and heart is in Havana.

“Marta Elena, Excellence Award winner for her outstanding performance at the 5th Annual Vaughan Latin Festival (celebration of Latin culture and community), was born into a musical family in Havana, Cuba.

“Not all ‘salseros’ have been male artists; in the history of Salsa, there is some exception to that rule; and Marta Elena is one of the names of that exception. Singer, Composer, Percussionist and Band leader Marta Elena belongs to a younger generation of Cuban musicians who are happy to honour the island nation’s Afro-Latin musical roots while looking for new ways to express the music that courses through the vein of the country.

“She started to sing at the tender age of 10, performing in all school events and amateur presentations. Her professional performance was at the age of 18, singing as part of the chorus of the Company of Zarzuelas and Operettas of the Teatro Lirico Nacional, one of the most famous theatres in Havana.”


As I was putting the show together the postman left in another couple of packages of CDs. In a month I get several packages – maybe 20 to 30 CDs in all, plus links to downloads, plus my own research. That is a lot of potential music for a weekly 2-hour show. And there is always some music that is great, but in this show – it just doesn’t fit. And other music which is very difficult to programme.

And I hate not being able to play it.

Starting on 1 April, I’m starting an online only show – only available on Mixcloud and through mu blog, of more difficult – often more challenging music. Music that deserves a bigger audience, but I just can’t fit it into the radio show.

Keep an ear out here and an eye on the blog and the newsletter. Around the World Extended Play is on the way and the first show will be ready from Friday 1 April.

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