Around the World Preview – 3 & 5 April 2022


Listen to last week’s show and see the running order on and find out more about the show. You can also listen to Part 1 and Part 2 on Mixcloud.

This weekend I’m packing my bags to head off to Slovenia. Next week the second hour of the show will have only Slovenian music from traditional, to folk, to experimental folk, to rock, to electronica and some that cannot be categorised easily. But that’s next week.

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On this week’s show

Combo Chimbita – La Perla – IRÉ 

From thier record company website: “Described by NPR’s “Alt.Latino as an “otherworldly presence,” Combo Chimbita is the creative unity of Carolina Oliveros (vocals, guacharaca), Niño Lento es Fuego (guitar), Prince of Queens (bass, synthesizers) and Dilemastronauta (drums), who together transcend common concepts of time and nationality. As self-described Abya-yalistas seeking meaning beyond a Latin American framework, they carry the burning torch of an unbroken, insubmissive people, unshackling their essence from the cruelty of conquest throughout Abya Yala. “Music is a tool of connection across time, territory and generations,” says Prince of Queens, echoing the visual metamorphosis for single “Memoria” and Combo Chimbita’s own decolonial shedding of skin.”

Combo Chimbita – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)


Imarhan – Assossam – Aboogi

Imarhan’s third studio album, Aboogi, was released at the end of January and they have just concluded a European tour. The songs are about the daily life and struggles in home city of Tamanrasset in Southern Algeria. It’s the first album the band recorded in their own country. And among the guest musicians is Super Furry Animals’ Gruff Rhys. [Imrhan’s website]


Dagadana – Abrazo (feat. Tanghetto)

“Since 2008 Dagadana has triumphantly merged elements of Polish and Ukrainian culture through jazz, electronic, and world music.

It all started with a jazz workshop in Cracow, where a mutual love for music has become a spark that ignited a great friendship and lead to the formation of the band.” [Website]

Nava – The Orb

Nava is a four-person Iranian-Irish musical group based in Dublin. Formed in 2016 by Irish folk and bluegrass musicians Paddy Kiernan and Niall Hughes, and Iranian born brothers Shahab and Shayan Coohe, the group “explores the relationship between the ancient musical cultures of Ireland and Persia.” [From]

There’s a new album on the way Toranj – and when I get back from my Trip to Slovenia next week I’ll play something from it – you can get all their music on Bandcamp if you search from Navatheband

Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita – Cofiwch Dryweryn

Did I mention Slovenia yet? Back in October I asked Leo from the Okarina Festival in Bled about the 2022 event, and he told me that the festival had come to an end. I have heard rumours more recently that it might return this year after being closed because of COVID. But there is no firm news yet. One of the best nights I had at Okarina was watching Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita in Beld Castle. Here they are at Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita at the Songlines Music Awards 2019 Ceremony.

Dark City Sisters         Letlapa Labutsoa        

The compilation Letlapa Labutsoa and Other Hits from the Dark City Sisters was released in 2015 but when was the original recording? I have no idea. They were usually a three piece – formed in 1958 breaking up in 1971 but reforming a few times in the 70s. [Wikipedia]


On Friday 1 April Around the World – Extended play which includes some of the music I play on the show as well as more rarefied and sometimes challenging which I find difficult programming in the radio show.

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