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Arat Kilo, Mamani Keita, Rusan Filiztek & Siar Hashimi Kera Kera Sowal Diabi (From Kaboul to Bamako)
Wynona Bleach Drag Moonsoake
Startijenn Talm Ur Galon Talm Ur Galon
Afel Bocoum Penda Djiga Lindé
Cocanha Suu Camin de Sent Jacques Puput
Small Island Big Song Ta’u Tama (feat. Vaiteani & Luc) Our Island
Leyla McCalla Dodinin Breaking the Thermometer
Northern Resonance Raulands Reinlender Northern Resonance
Saodaj’ Koman Koman – Single
Amai Kuda Et Les Bois Eshu Eshu – Single
John Francis Flynn My Son Tim I Would Not Live Always
Black Mango Are U Satisfied (feat. Samba Touré) Quicksand
Voice of Baceprot [Not] Public Property [Not] Public Property – Single
Antonio Castrignanò Pizzica Malincunia Babilonia
Korrontzi & Xabier Amuriza   Koplariak
Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita Dimanche Echo
Sounds & Stories from Ruhnu Island Rooslaiu Polkad Ruhnu Saarel Mitu Otsa
Góbé Fekete Föld Élem
Svjata Vatra Shchedryk Maailm Sa Muutud / Svit, Ty Minjaeschsja
Mari Kalkun Õnnõlöüdmise Laul Õunaaia Album
Duo Ruut Noore Kuu Tervitamine Noore Kuu Tervitamine – Single
Divanhana Oj, curice Zavrzlama
Rokia Koné & Jacknife Lee Soyi N’galanba BAMANAN


It has been pretty non-stop for the last few weeks with trips to Slovenia and Estonia, but I’m back with my feet under my own desk reflecting on the last week (“Final Lookback at Tallinn Music Week” further on) and wondering about what’s next.

Listen to last week’s show and see the running order on and find out more about the show. You can also listen to Part 1 and Part 2 on Mixcloud.

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This week’s featured album

Rosalía’s new studio album – her third – is Motomami. The Spanish singer takes contemporary music including urban, rap, jazz, R&B, and on this album at least, a tip of the hat to Japanese electronica games music, and blends with her roots in Catalonia and with Flamenco.

Rosalía was born in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Catalonia north of Barcelona in 1992. She graduated from the Catalonia College of Music with honours having collaborated with with Raül Refree – no stranger to Around the World. Going on to collaborate with musicians from all over Spain and the rest of Europe, she now lives in Los Angeles.

I’ll be playing 5 tracks on the show including La Fama (with Canadian musician The Weekend whose own roots are in Ethiopia), G3 N15 (which looks like a Glasgow post code but isn’t – I’ve checked and still have no idea what meaning the title has, if any). It includes the voice of her grandmother talking about the importance of family and is a reflection on being far from home during lockdown. And you’ll hear the title track which lasts barely one minute.

It is a strange and wonderful and intriguing, unpredictable album. And at times utterly weird. Which is why I like it so much.

Also on the show

Wynona Bleach

Small Island Big Song

Leyla McCalla


Voice of Baceprot

And a whole lot more


A final lookback at Tallinn Music Week


Ukraine’s Ivan Dorn opens Tallinn Music Week

One of the bands I missed was Sweden’s Northern Resonance, and here are a few others I saw by chance, sometimes being in the wrong room at the right time.

Most of the music I wanted to hear was in the Telliskivi Creative Centre – a group of rooms, clubs, bars, and restaurants converted from an industrial eatate near the train station.

Find out more about Tallinn Music Week here.

Festival Passes for next year available already!

The first “wrong room” I found myself in was four floors up – where the audience exchanged shoes for slippers and I happened into a story telling session “Sounds and Stories from Ruhnu Island” – three fiddlers and a storyteller.

The next find – much later that night – was Budapest-based Góbé. I’m told “The band plays in smoky pubs, dance halls, camps, streets, at weddings or wherever they get the chance. (Are there still smoky pubs??) They have travelled across half of Europe and performed at almost every popular music venue in Carpathian Basin.”

I hadn’t heard of them before they contacted me a week before the event, but I was most impressed – great musicians and great entertainment. I understand they’ll be in Manchester during the summer at Góbéfest.

Svjata Vatra were playing toward the end of the first night. They have a unique line-up a temperamental Ukrainian trombone, Estonian bagpipes, and scythe “Shchedryk” – A Ukrainian song – Little Swallow

While my focus was on music with traditional roots, the full programme extend from jazz and pop, to experimental and dance – and much else.

Which for very good reasons moved from Tallinn to the border town Narva beside Russia showing solidarity with Ukraine. There were Ukraine flags everywhere in Tallinn – and Ukranian performers – who would have been there in any case regardless of Russia’s invasion.

Unfortunately – before that decision was made, I had booked my flight home and couldn’t stay in Narva for the final evening.

I did see a performance of Arvo Pärt’s “Da Pacem Domine” with the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, the in the Orthodox Cathedral, Narva, which was incomparable. There more about my trip to Estonia, Ukranian flags, and the choir in my blog.

But I missed Trad.Attack!, Tuulikki Bartosik, and Mari Kalkun. But by chance, I met Mari after Suistamon Sähkö and the following night saw her play in a little venue off the main campus.

So that’s all right.

But my big takeaways were – as expected – Duo Ruut and Suistamon Sähkö (For more about both, I refer you to last week’s newsletter).

Thanks to the team at Tallinn Music Week especially Ingrid

Duo Ruut

From my Blog:

Tallinn Music Week moves to Narva – and so do I

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