Around the World – 19 & 21 June 2022


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Listen to last week’s show and see the running order on and find out more about the show. You can also listen to Part 1 and Part 2 on Mixcloud.

Artist Track Album
Anne Pacéo Wide Awake S.H.A.M.A.N.E.S
Oliver Nayoka Aja Wele-Wele Aja Wele-Wele
Aguamadera Señora Gabriela Las Historias Que Han Dejado (feat. Raly Barrionuevo, Marta Gómez & Elizabeth Morris)
Le Vent du Nord Tour du monde 20 printemps
Mélisande [électrotrad] Y a pas grand chose dans l’ciel à soir Flash de mémoire
Niteworks Gura mise tha fo Èislein (feat. Ellen MacDonald) A’ Ghrian
Raymores Pasito a Paso Pasito a Paso – Single
Calypso Rose Watina (feat. Santana & The Garifuna Collective) Forever
Billie Holiday Strange Fruit (Remastered) Billie Holiday: Strange Fruit and Greatest Hits (Remastered)
Ade Txeru Pitada Hello Cabo Verde
The Ano Nobo Quartet Mie Fogo The Strings of São Domingos
Antonio Castrignanò Si Picculina (feat. Sona Jobarteh) Babilonia
Niteworks John Riley (feat. Beth Malcolm) A’ Ghrian
Bodh’aktan Ouverture De temps et de vents
Part 2    
Professor Wouassa Yobale Ma Yobale Ma!
Eleni Tsaligopoulou Na ’Ha Dio Ellades Na ’Ha Dio Ellades – Single
EBRI KNIGHT & KeTeKalles Supervivència (amb KeTeKalles) Supervivència (amb KeTeKalles) – Single
Niteworks Guns of Ajaccio A’ Ghrian
Startijenn Skeulenn Richter Talm Ur Galon
Sidi Abdallah Oumbadougou Imiksinane (feat. Dawoul Ahamouk & Djamilou Rabey) Issiktane (feat. Dawoul Ahamouk & Djamilou Rabey)
Sonoras Mil Antigua Inocencia Agüeros
Solju Oassi Mus Oassi Mus – Single
Tito Puente, Jr. & José Alberto “El Canario” Salsa Na’ Ma The King And I
Picot Balancí Les Ales del Cavall
Marjan Vahdat Heart of Darkness Our Garden is Alone
Niteworks Teannaibh Dlùth (feat. Sian) A’ Ghrian
OKI Kai Kai as to (Rippling Lake) Tonkori in the Moonlight
Brian Eno  Another Green World  

This Week’s Featured Album

Niteworks – A’ Ghrian


Traditional Scottish airs, pure voices, traditional Scots Gaelic language, fiddles, bagpipes, synthesizers, electronic dance music. Just a hint of the music that Niteworks make.

A’ Ghrian (trans: The Sun) is the 3rd album from this Scottish roots and electronica band from the Isle of Skye Folk / Electronica from the Isle of Skye. Touring the UK throughout 2022.

The band formed in 2008

Their lineup (Wikipedia) is:

  • Innes Strachan, Aonghas Strachan (vocals/keyboards)
  • Allan MacDonald, Ailean Domhnallach (guitar/bagpipes/keyboards)
  • Christopher Nicolson, Crisdean MacNeacail (bass guitar)
  • Ruairidh Graham, Ruairidh Greumach (drums)

You can find the album on Bandcamp.



Anne Pacéo  Wide Awake S.H.A.M.A.N.E.S

Anne Paceo is a drummer from France, she’s a band leader, she’s a vocalist – but not the lead vocalist on that. Her album is S.H.A.M.A.N.E.S – I don’t know what it stands for – but you try to hear it. I’ll be playing more from it in weeks to come, but to start tonight’s show that is Wide Awake.

Oliver Nayoka         Aja Wele-Wele        Aja Wele-Wele

The more enthusiastic supporters of Oliver Nayoka claim he is the “Jimi Hendrix of highlife” – which quite obviously – if you’ve ever heard Jimi Hendrix you’d know he isn’t. But that doesn’t detract from his talent as one of Nigeria’s leading highlife guitarists. The album Aja Wele-Wele was released at the end of last year on Palenque Records which specialises in Afro-Colombian and African music with a catalogue stretching back 25 years.

Here’s a nice run of tunes …

Le Vent du Nord a traditional folk band from Quebec have been working together for 20 years, which is why their album is called Vingh Primtemps – 20 Springtimes; traditional Québécois music which is heavily influenced by Celtic music from both Ireland and Brittany. And they play it in the traditional way – although rocked up quite nicely.

Also from Quebec – Mélisande [électrotrad] – a duo wo deal with traditional Quebecois music with electro beats.

Then, Niteworks the electronic Celtic fusion band from the Isle of Skye. They are known for writing new songs in Gaelic and melding the bagpipes and Gaelic and some English songs with techno and house beats. Niteworks have a new album A’ Ghrian.


In the Atlantic Ocean about 500 kilometres off the Senegal coast is Cabo Verde, an archipelago of about 10 Islands. Santiago is the largest and there you will find São Domingos – the home of The Ano Nobo Quartet – that’s from their album The Strings of São Domingos. Mie Fogo is the track on the show and Fogo is one of the smaller islands.

Ade is from the even smaller island Maio. But he’s been living in Spain for more than 10 years. But he’s celebrating his home country with his new album Hello Cabo Verde.


Sidi Abdallah Oumbadougou from Agadez, Niger.  His late father is one of the originators of the guitar-driven Tuareg desert blues that I’m so fond of. Now Sidi is emerging as his own man, with his own career as one of the young Tuareg artists from northern Niger. with other young artists from Niger such as Bombino, and Mdou Moctar.


From Finland this is a mother and daughter who sing in Sami and call themselves Solju


Solju is formed by Ulla Pirttijärvi and her daughter Hildá Länsman, who combine their heritage of northern Sámi language and culture with a single Oassi Mus. Here’s an older video.

And we end the show with Tonkori in the Moonlight album. It’s a compilation of work by Japanese Tonkori player OKI from Northern Japan. A Tonkori is a plucked instrument from that region and OKI is one of its leading players.

In 2006 he played with Irish band Kila and more recently mixed his traditional Tonkori music with electro dub music. He has embraced reggae and African drums, too.  The piece was called Kai Kai as to (rippling lake) is from 1996.

Here’s a full concert.

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  1. Iain

    Excellent show Davy! Stuck in house with Covid so finally got round to listening, didn’t realise you had it on mixcloud that makes it easier. Hope you are well.

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