Around the World – 11 & 13 September 2022


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Featured album this week, Taj Mahal  & Ry Cooder’s Get on Board

Artist Title Album
Antonio Castrignanò Menamò Babilonia
João Selva Se Acabou Se Acabou – EP
BKO Sadiona Djine Bora
Taj Mahal  & Ry Cooder My Baby Done Changed the Lock on the Door GET ON BOARD
The Unthanks The Old News The Old News – Single
Sababa 5 Popcorn Popcorn / The Bird Song – Single
Laura Beg Sa mo lamisik Lespri séga
Julian Bel-Bachir Soudani Manayo Babdoukkala
Inni-K   Iníon
Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder Hooray Hooray GET ON BOARD
Lass Nénéma  
Small Island Big Song Ta’u Tama (feat. Vaiteani) Our Island
Gabriele Muscolino Il Bicchiere Del Mare Gabriele Muscolino
¿Who’s the Cuban? Movediza Summer Tape – EP
Part 2    
Urban Village Sakhisizwe Udondolo
Jaime Roos Que el Letrista no se Olvide Selladas Dos (1981-2019)
Alhousseini Anivolla Imoussanan Annual / The Walking Man
Peter Gabriel I Have the Touch (Live at WOMAD 1982) Live at WOMAD 1982
Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder Pick a Bale of Cotton GET ON BOARD
Amélia Muge D. Falcão Amélias
47SOUL Sghar El Balad Sghar El Balad – Single
Nai Barghouti Longa Hijaz Kar Kurd الأول
Meïkhâneh Chaque jour nouveau Chants du dedans, chants du dehors
Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder I Shall Not Be Moved GET ON BOARD
Emily Wurramara Lullaby Milyakburra
Meszecsinka Szélben  In the wind Árnyék  Shadow

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