Five places in Bled, Slovenia to get a quick coffee


Many of the people you see enjoying the wonderful atmosphere of Bled, the castle, the island, the church, the pletna boat trips, are only there for a short time. Some of the restaurants around the lake are busy and the customers are in no rush. The problem in these places is not ordering coffee (and often, Bled Cream Cake). The ordering is almost always fast and efficient. Paying your bill (“Račun prosim”) takes forever. You are a busy person, the bus leaves soon and you have a lot to see yet.

I have been visiting Bled for almost 30 years and lived there a couple of times, too. I know the place well and I know a some places you might never find or even consider. There are many places,some off the beaten track, where you can get good coffee, often less expensive coffee, and tea and hot chocolate in season, fast and pay quickly, too. Here are some of my favouites. These are my choices based on my experience.

Close to the lake

There are some very good, but very slow restaurants on the lake side that should be avoided if you are in a hurry. There are some near by Lake Bled while I enjoy visiting where the service is fast and the coffee is good..

Caffe Peglez’n
If you are right off the bus and aching for a quick coffee, as you walk down the road to Lake Bled, this tree covered out-door terrace has some of the best coffee and service in the town. There are snacks too, and if you get there early enough in the morning there might even be some rogljič (Slovenian croissants, usually filled with jam (marmelada – the word for jam, not just marmalade) or vanilla. This is a place where you will find locals sitting chatting and sipping rather good coffee.

Art Cafe
Something of a generality, but this is a place for the younger crowd. The closest and best coffee shop to the IEDC – Bled School of Management and Visoka šola za hotelirstvo in turizem Bled – College of Hospitality and Tourism Bled. You will find it almost opposite Cafe Peglez’n. Even on a wet day Art Cafe has a great atmosphere, good music in the background, excellent coffee and service and you can make a fast get away by paying inside at the counter. Always lovely staff who serve quickly. Like Peglez’n, this is mainly a terrace cafe with a few seats inside. And in the winter you’ll get excellent hot chocolate.

At the Shopping Centre – Trgovski Center Bled

My own favourite hideout in Bled is a coffee bar in the shopping centre. Kavarna Apropo is small and intimate. There is a slightly larger covered outside area (not quite a terrace, not quite a veranda). Apropo is going through a transition. It once had a strong music theme. The previous owner was the driving force behind the Okarina Festival which folded after 26 or 27 years. Covid, the collapse of tourism and bands touring and the eventual retirement of Leo, all led to the change in theme. I’m not quite sure what it is now. I think that is a serious mistake, but not mine to make. Still, the coffee, staff and service are good and as fast as you want them to be.

For a very early caffeine shot 7 days a week … and some great food.

The Pekarna Planika

This is a bakery next to a bar – I like both but in the morning they are a good combination.isn’t off the beaten track. In fact it is a very beaten track on the main road to the bus station. Opening at 5:00 am every day (6:00 on Sundays), you’ll pick up great bread, burek, cakes, pastries and coffee outside from Bar Planinček next door (opens 6:00 am, 7:00 Sundays).

The Big Surprise

The Mercator cafe

While a little further out of town, if you need to so some food shopping, check out the new big Mercator. And while you are there, let me recommend the coffee shop. Excellent coffee, possibly the least expensive in town, friendly staff, and as it is the local shopping centre, plenty of ordinary people from Bled. This had quickly become one of my favourite haunts.

About Firsthand Guide to Bled: Some years ago I wrote and published a personal guide book to Bled and Lake Bled based on my experiences living there. The book was also available here as a PDF and webpages. It was popular, but like any guidebook about a busy, popular, and changing place, it became out-dated and even with several trips back to Slovenia and updates on the webste, became unreliable. The book is no longer available and the webpages have been removed. From time to time I’ll add pages about Bled where Iam writing this note.



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