Around the World – Week beginning 12 February 2023


This week, music from: Bosnia & Herzegovina Brazil Colombia Denmark Egypt France Georgia Guinea-Bissau Haiti Hungary Italy Japan Portugal Red Lake Nation of Ojibwe Scotland Slovakia Spain Turkey Ukraine Vanuatu

Artists this week: Alostmen, Broes, Elephant Sessions, Fresa Juvenil De Tarapoto, Good Morning Bedlam, HAYA Band, Jon Boden, Juanpalitoschinos, Khoomei Beat, Kimi Djabaté, Lisa O’Neill, Majid Bekkas, Meral Polat Trio, Merema, Mostar Sevdah Reunion, Nishtiman, Project Skruk, Mahsa Vahdat & Ellen Bødtker, Studio Shap Shap, Tárkány Trió, Torgeir Vassvik, Toty Sa’Med, Tulipa Ruiz, VRï and Τρίο Κιτάρα.

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Artist Track Album/Single
Part 1    
Kinnaris Quintet Wonderful This Too
Moonlight Benjamin Haut là haut Haut là haut – Single
Amr Diab Noor Al Ain Noor Al Ain
Tokyo MinYo Club  Higashi Zishi MinYo Songbook Vol. 1
Kimi Djabaté Dindin Dindin
Ensemble Sangineto Rinello (En Vivo) Grand Tour, Vol. 1
Cserepes Károly Get Ready my Daughter The Sold Girl (Turkish Remix)
Desumanos Lambada desumana Desumanos
Kimi Djabaté Alidonke Dindin
Mze Shina Sakhumaro Elesa
Gaye Su Akyol Sen Benim Mağaramsın Anadolu Ejderi
Ol Sing Blong Plantesen I Gat Wan Ples I Stap Wantok Musik Vol. 3
Joe Rainey bezhigo Niineta
Part 2    
Päivi Hirvonen Varjot Kallio
Marek Szarvaš Light Outside (feat. Veronika Harcsa & Jan Kopcak) Light Outside
Lucas Santtana Sobre la Memoria O Paraíso
Mostar Sevdah Reunion Srdo Moja LADY SINGS THE BALKAN BLUES
Kimi Djabaté Kambem Dindin
Raül Refree Amanece sin que nadie lo vea el espacio entre
Mar Grimalt DEDINS (feat. Ada Elionor, Joana Gomila & Laia Vallès) Espurnes I Coralls
Vila Navio Chuva Âmago
Henriette Flach Hvepsen (feat. Villads Hoffmann, Anna Østerby & Petrus Dillner) Skyklokke (feat. Villads Hoffmann, Anna Østerby & Petrus Dillner)
Ali Doğan Gönültaş Yandı Yürek Kiğı
The Waterboys Red Army Blues (2002 Remaster) A Pagan Place
DakhaBrakha Монах (Monk) Monakh  Шлях (Path) Shlyakh
Kimi Djabaté O Manhe Dindin
Martin Bruhn Húanuco Y Tingo Maria Picaflor


Featured Album – Dindin by Kimi Djabaté


Kimi Djabaté was born in Tabato in Guinea-Bissau in 1975. He grew up there and learned to play the balafon, a sort of African xylophone, then went on to study the kora.

After touring Europe with the national music and dance ensemble of Guinea-Bissau, he settled in Lisbon, Portugal. He has lived in Europe since. In 2005 he independently released his first solo album, Teriké. Then Karam in 2009 on Cumbancha Records, the label he is still with. They have just released Dindin – our featured album for this week.

There’s more about Kimi Djabaté here.

Kimi Djabaté “Dindin”


I saw Kimi play at an off WOMEX party in Lisbon last year. It was one of the highlights of the week and all the more interesting not being part of the official programme.

And a few days after seeing Kimi Djabaté I was having coffee with an Italian harpist called Adriano. He was telling me about the project he was working on which this week come to fruition – or at least part 1 comes to fruition.

Adriano plays with Ensemble Sangineto.  It’s main purpose is to bring together Italian folk tunes “with an international modern flavor, drawing on other European countries’ traditions (especially, the Irish, French, Breton and Scottish)”. Which suits me down to the ground.

Their debut album “The Grand Tour, Vol.1” (2023), is a 2-part project conceived as a tribute album to Italian traditional music with fresh interpretations of a folk tune from each of the 20 Italian regions.

This is one of my favourite Italian folk tunes, Rinello.

“Rinello” // Ensemble Sangineto



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I was searching – as I often do – for something “older” but not a predictable UK/US hit single and stumbled on this Egyptian classic from 1996 – although the video is significantly newer.

Amr Diab – Nour El Ein | Official Music Video – HD Version


From 1996 title track from Noor Al Ain – Amr Diab.  Named at the World Music Awards for the best-selling album in the Middle East for 1996 – you’ve heard of rock and reggae and soul and R&B – unique to Egypt that’s Al Jeel music – and from Japan this is MinYo music –


東京民謡倶楽部 – 東獅子 / Tokyo MinYo Club – Higashi Zishi


“A folk music as called “MinYo” is a song of the people in Japan. Music based on time, region, work, nature, and festivals. It can be said to be the most closely related popular music in our lives. Folk Music x Street Culture = Tokyo MinYo Club. Folk music as called “MinYo”, change its style along with time and generation. Re-democratization of folk music and bringing Japanese sounds to our life. With its thoughts, Yutaka Oyama, the third generation of the Tsugaru-Shamisen Oyama style, formed a project convening various musicians. A music that created and used the potential of the root foundation of Japanese music, they resonate it to the across Japan and to the world. Playing the folk music “Minyo” of this generation. That is Tokyo MinYo Club.” YouTube

And in Part 2?


They are just a few tunes from Part 1 of Around the World. Listen to it all when it’s being broadcast – ir if you want to join the exclusive listening group of just a few friends, contact me at


Have a great weekend.

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