Guide to Bled Slovenia – Seven things to do before 7:00 am


Venture out before early breakfast and around the lake you will see photographers, people fishing, power walkers and the first pletna taking staff to the island. Are you ready to start your day good and early? These are only 7 things you can do around Lake Bled, breakfast not included.

1.    The Bells. The Bells.

Make your way to the boardwalk near the main camping site a little before 7:00 any morning. It is probably about a 40-minute walk from the town centre, almost half way around the lake. There won’t be many people about. It is not silent – the air is filled with birdsong, there is the occasional quack, the odd cyclist and a runner or two.

From there you can see the island, the castle and St. Martin’s church. During the summer months, you will also enjoy the sunrise.  Then a few seconds before 7:00 am, a bell tolls, then another, and the sounds build. Some of the peals are from the Church of the Assumption on the island, others from St. Martin’s, but there are other, more remote bells ringing, too.

They all welcome a new day and peal for about four minutes. Good morning Bled.

2.    Biking, running, walking – just because it’s fun

This is by far the best time to put on your trainers and get the best from running, walking and cycling around the lake, and even further. Later in the day the cyclists tangle with walkers on the paths. The runners will face walkers coming in the opposite direction. But now, there are so few people around the lakeside is all yours. The round lake route is a good 90-minute walk or 25-minute bike ride, but why not go further?

3.    Sunrise Lake Bled

 You don’t have to be active and energetic to enjoy the morning. Just find a bench and enjoy the air, the sounds and the clear light. The south west part of the lake is the best spot for watching the sun come up behind the hills. When and where is the best sunrise? See next.

4.    See the pink cloud factory at work

In the autumn, something magical happens. As the sun emerges from behind the hills, it warms the lake and the mist rises. The sun shines through the mist turning it from white to gold to yellow to pink. This is the time to take some amazing photos of the colourful mist swirling around the lake and up into the air towards the castle. It is a stunning sight. Best place to view it is probably at Zaka near the camp site.

5.    Swim

There is no better way to start a summer’s day in Bled than a swim in the lake. The water is warm and deep and there are many secluded corners for the shy swimmer to strike out into what many believe are healing waters. Healing or not, you will feel so much better after floating on your back watching the whips of clouds drift by above you.

6.    A barefoot walk

During the summer, there is an organised barefoot walk and you can join a group of people enjoying the dew between their toes. There is no need to wait for an organised walk. Enjoy the open fields and pastures alone or with your own group of friends.

People have come to Bled for generations to enjoy the health-giving properties of the region; the water, the air and even the soft cool grass on a warm summer morning.

The 20th Rikli’s Walk to Straža hill will be at 7:00 am on 1 July 2018 meeting in front of Hotel Golf.

7.    Feed the ducks?

Do not feed bread to the ducks and swans. We have all done it and the ducks seem to like it, but experts in duckie-culture advise us to vary what we give them and select healthier more natural treats like oats, corn, or defrosted frozen peas. And exercise portion control.

It is a wonderful sight to watch the ducks fly in from the other side of the lake, and scoot over the water as they land and all for some free food. If you are in one of the wider open grassy spots like Mlino in the early morning, you will see ducks and swans on the bank tugging at the grass and feeding themselves and preening in the early sun rays.

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