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  • Where the Mountains of Mourne

    Off to Newcastle to the FIFA thing.  I am not a sports fan, it’s a pleasure to be there and I appreciate that sitting down with Seb Blatter at lunchtime […]

  • Funeral for a friend

    Some of us called him “Rockin’ Robbo”; he got that name when he was working in Downtown.  “The wee man with the glasses. “ had other names.  But he was […]

  • NISP – The Next Big Thing

    Planning my involvement at The Next Big Thing at the Science Park  on Wednesday 4th which I’m hosting.  Fantastic line up from business and technology: Blaine Cook  was added to […]

  • Moving in today

    For several years I’ve been blogging on, first as until in a fit of bad humour I deleted over a year’s posts then almost immediately started  So […]

  • Digital Circle Elections

    Thanks to whoever it was who nominated me for the Digital Circle Steering Group.  My and the other names now go forward to election.  But nomination in itself carries responsibilities […]