Bled, Slovenia – A Firsthand Guide



By 2022 (where I am now) some of this material has become out of date. Largely it’s OK, but there have been changes – only to be expected. I have added a short updated restaurant and cafe page from our last visit in April 2022.

One of the most popular destinations in Slovenia for travellers and holidaymakers, and one of the most beautiful places in Europe, is the lake town of Bled. The small Lake Bled, surrounded by green hills, with the old church on the only natural island in the county, is overlooked by the thousand year old Bled Castle. Full Introduction here.

This Website

These pages are intended to give visitors a firsthand guide to Bled and Lake Bled. The contributors are experienced journalists, travellers and inhabitants of Bled. Whether you are a first time visitor or have been before and want to find out more about Bled, this is for you.

This is not part of a marketing campaign; Bled’s own tourism organisation already does a fantastic job as does Slovenia’s national tourism organisation. This – of you like – is the “fanzine” rather than the official glossy magazine.

A few pages to get you started.


Hear from the people who live in Bled and help make it the place it is

Firsthand Guide to Bled, Slovenia 2018 edition


In which you can read some comments about events in Bled and Slovenian culture including Bee Keeping and the national poet Prešeren.

Arriving at Lake Bled

First and most important information about arriving by car, bus, train and motorbike. There is info about water, language and laundry. Most importantly, money, food and toilets.

Shopping for fun and survival

Whether you are shopping for gifts or the more mundane, there are suggestions here.

Money and Banks

Slovenia is in the Eurozone (and Schengen area) of the European Union. It is easy to find automatic teller machines and there are two easily accessible banks.

When are the best times to visit Lake Bled?

Summer and winter, of course, are good times to visit Lake Bled. But there are activities to enjoy and sites to see almost all year round.

Lake Bled – events throughout the year

From when the Christmas Tree comes down when it is very quiet to the height of the summer season and the Christmas and new year festivities, there is always time to suit almost every visitor. What is the best time for you?

Christmas at Lake Bled

Although Christmas and new year celebrations are covered in the previous chapter, there is more details here.

A quick coffee by Lake Bled (and tea, too)

The Best Bars in Bled

My favourite pizza places in Bled

Tips to find the best restaurants in Bled

Adventure Activities in Bled

Read about three providers of adventure and sports tourism