• Across-The-Line-RecordAcross-The-Line-Record

    ATL Remembers… On The Radio, During The Conflict Friday 22 January 2016 – Archive link

    From the BBC's blog archive the story of The Bottom Line/Across the Line

  • Protected: DBS Monday Evening Students

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Phone numbers from 1989 for Nelson Mandella and Vaclav Havel

    Way back in time, we used to keep numbers on cards in cardboard boxes. I was working in current affairs at a really interesting time; fall of communist governments in […]

  • Get Well Soon, Bobby Ewing

    In 1984 Ian Shuttleworth Iain  Walker and Eoin Patterson made this cassette using samples from my radio programme Nothin’ Better on Downtown Radio Get Well Soon Bobby Ewing (mp3) The Shadow (Between […]

  • And what is Network Neutrality?

    From Huffington Post The free and open internet is about to change dramatically. If the telcos get their way in Congress this fall (I’m looking at you, AT&T, Verizon and Comcast), […]

  • eBay – how to make a killing

    Starting low, spelling mistakes and Sunday evenings – David Leafe reveals the secrets of successful online trading. Daily Telegraph

  • Internet Made Easy

    It hardly seems like six months since the Internet Made Easy CD was distributed throughout Northern Ireland.  Some of the participating members of the steering group met today to begin the review.  […]

  • The New Media Establishment

    This List is — let me put it this way.  I was at a meeting recently and someone quoted “People” who claimed that “The Internet would replace books.”  I didn’t get […]

  • 5 things in 6 minutes

    I’m making a presentation to business people in Belfast at the end of November and just working on the speech now. This is very much a work in progress (some […]

  • Innocence Project Launched Today

      The BBC New Media team in Northern Ireland have launched the website for the new BBC Drama The Innocence Project. (note; I’m the editor new media in BBC NI) The Online team launched The […]

  • Once upon a time at the BBC… BBC Drama Northern Ireland announce Fairy Tale commission

    BBC Drama Northern Ireland today announces the commission of Fairy Tales, an anthology of four contemporary adaptations of classic fairy tales. Debbie Horsfield (Cutting It) will adapt The Emperor’s New Clothes; […]

  • Commercial challenge to BBC iPlayer,,1941348,00.html An alliance of newspaper and magazine publishers is calling for an expert forum to discuss opening up the BBC’s iPlayer to commercial content to stop it dominating the download […]

  • Mobi TV

    There was a bit of buzz a couple of days ago about MobiTV raising another $30 million in capital, adding to it’s already whopping $70 million from previous financings. That’s a lot of money […]

  • Sick of Sharing

    Friend Julie is in San Francisco for Web-two-nuthin’ event and posted this link in her event blog. This suggests that as much as people want to connect through the Internet, the practice also […]

  • Web 2 Nothing

    Hark! A note of skepticism gladdens my heart. The serious faced using terms like “Web-two-point-nought” and “Web-two-point-zero”. Yet making me smile are those who see it all as a bit of […]

  • Air America’s ABC Blacklist A simple lesson why publically funded public service broadcasting is not so bad, after all. Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Karl Rove, George W. Bush This week we learned that […]

  • Even More Google Channel 4 has held talks with Google to explore the possiblity distributing its programming via the search engine’s network. According to the Financial Times, Andy Duncan, Channel 4 CEO, […]

  • Google in bid to halt YouTube legal threat

    By Joshua Chaffin and Aline van Duyn in New York and Richard Waters in San Francisco Last updated: November 2 2006 20:27 | Google is engaged in a frantic […]

  • In Blogs Don’t Trust

    Just because someone presents some information as a fact does not make it a fact. The journalistic “two reliable but independent sources” is the standard all who publish – and […]

  • Vote Early and Snap Often

    “Call it political ergonomics. The art and science of lowering barriers to democratic participation.” Jay Rosen’s account of a call for Americans to photograph polling day. “The project’s goal, according […]

  • Group of University Researchers to Make Web Science a Field of Study

    From the New York Times The Web has become such a force in commerce and culture that a group of leading university researchers now deems it worthy of its own […]

  • A Web Site to Call Your Own

    From the New York Times …[S]tarting Nov. 15, somebody will offer to pick up the entire bill [for your small business website]. You’ll be able to pick any dot-com (or […]

  • Global broadcasting

    New broadcasters, like the English-language al-Jazeera channel, seem hungrier for influence than for profits The Economist

  • ITN for BT Mobile News

    BT has announced a deal with ITN News to provide 24-hour made-for-mobile news content for its mobile broadcast entertainment service, BT Movio. The news channel launched on the BT Movio […]

  • Media Guardian 20061030

    The revolution must be televised 18 Doughty Street TV

  • Debating Ads on BBC Online (exUK)

    Interesting – although not always well informed – debate.

  • JotSpot Googled

    Is the verb “to be Googled” changing it meaning or growing a new one.  it used to mean being checked out in a search engine, now it also means being […]

  • Scobles: 10 Tips to a Killer Blog

    This is a lift from KNow More Media Ten tips to a killer blog Robert Scoble Maryam Ghaemmaghami Scoble       Blog cause you want to Read other blogs […]

  • ON Second Life

    From MEDIASHIFT A friend of mine who works in PR in San Francisco came up to me at a party last week, and was wide-eyed at what’s been going on lately […]

  • Poynter’s New Media Bibliography

    This is a direct lift from Poynter ONLINE RESOURCES Adapt or Die AJR, June/July 2006 A Brief History of the Internet The Internet Society. Center for History & New […]