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Shankill Mission

I like big ambitious ideas. And this is one I am involved with. The plan is to open a hotel on Belfast’s Shankill Road.

Friday Night MashUp Christmas Party Invitation

Davy’s on the road again – again

I’m about to get busy, again. Today and tomorrow producing a live webcast from the Confidence in Policing conference at Titanic Belfast for Northern Ireland Policing Board. Then to Paris from Thursday to Sunday for a conference “Using Traditional and… Continue Reading →

Belfast Lough Daily Photo – April Compilation

Each day, around the same time 06:45 I photograph Belfast Lough from Seapark Holywood looking toward Belfast.

Blogging Tips

I declare myself a really crap blogger. You can find plenty of evidence here. I am inconsistant – rather than put any effort into it I only blog when I feel like it I almost never research anything – opinion,… Continue Reading →

Belfast Media Square Mile (and a bit)

This is not much more than a Sunday afternoon doodle locating the creative and digital industries (and related offices) around approximately a square mile in Belfast. View Media Square Mile (and a bit) in a larger map The idea came… Continue Reading →

City Walls and Crumlin Road Gaol

On the day Berliners and the rest of the world celebrated the fall of the Wall, WIMPs launched their Peace Channel  with four films made by young people all about Belfast's "Peace" Walls that still separate parts of Belfast. Adding to the irony they… Continue Reading →

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