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With life being a little less busy and enjoying the imaginary Meditteranean project, I’m getting more time to read. Project Med inspired me to engage with authors I might otherwise not know. At the same time, I am reading books I probably would usually reach for.

My online plans for 2016

In 2016 I will be changing my approach to social media.

It’s Elemental

Blogging in #Bled: It’s elemental  10,000 candles on #LakeBled

“A hashtag is not a branding exercise.”

What is a hashtag for? I was sitting with an important client. We were talking about the hashtag to be used at an event with a potentially global audience. I was looking after the webcast and social media production. The… Continue Reading →

Phone numbers from 1989 for Nelson Mandella and Vaclav Havel

Way back in time, we used to keep numbers on cards in cardboard boxes. I was working in current affairs at a really interesting time; fall of communist governments in Europe and release of Nelson Mandella, When I was packing… Continue Reading →

Paris has changed!

Paris has changed. Not for the better. Not for the worse. Just different. For example, I was standing outside Telegraphe Metro trying to match the Google Map print out to the intersecting roads surrounding me. When the old man started… Continue Reading →

Davy’s on the road again – again

I’m about to get busy, again. Today and tomorrow producing a live webcast from the Confidence in Policing conference at Titanic Belfast for Northern Ireland Policing Board. Then to Paris from Thursday to Sunday for a conference “Using Traditional and… Continue Reading →

Using Traditional and New Media For Campaigns Against Prejudice, Xenophobia and Discrimination

The December meeting of the Grundvig group was held in Cezayir Istanbul. These are some of the social media links to resources and work of some of the people and organisations who presented to the group. Ekran Saka a professor… Continue Reading →

Top 12 Moments 2013

I started trying to highlight 10 moments through the year but it was difficult enough to keep it down to 12.

Tulip City Hotel, Istanbul

Review in Trip Advisor  I was on business and attending meetings nearby. One of the reasons I chose Tulip City was that it was recommended by colleagues in Istanbul and the price which was fantastic value for money. I didn’t… Continue Reading →

How travel has changed in under two decades

I have travelled a lot since the mid 1990s. This week I was in Istanbul for the first time since 1996 and I began to think about how travel has changed. Here are 15 thoughts. There are plenty more. This… Continue Reading →

Tips for live tweeting

1 – Prepare, prepare, prepare There are several things you should do beforehand I.         Who do you expect your audience to be – always be aware of the audience. II.         Equipment – you can do it on a mobile phone… Continue Reading →

Belfast Lough in the morning – May 2013

Gumboot Dance – the Media Kidocracy Konference talent night winners

While working in South Africa at the beginning of December 2012 at the Media Kidocracy Konference organised by Bush Radio, the organisers held a talent night for the young people at the conference. The winners were these guys. Not the… Continue Reading →

Video report from MKK South Africa

WIMPS – Karen reports from the Media Kidocracy Konference in South Africa from on Vimeo.

Teaching Blogging in South Africa

Here are the numbers. As I write, Lake Malawe is, at a guess, fifty to one hundred miles to the west. I’m 35,000 feet above ground travelling at 568 miles an hour in an Emeritz Airbus 340-400 on a 10… Continue Reading →

Facebook is free – and Facebook is expensive

We all love Facebook – especially when we get to hate it. The most widely used and popular social media platform is used by close enough to 1 billion people. For the service all of those people pay. “If you’re… Continue Reading →

Digital Lunch: Belfast2020

Mick Fealty (editor founder and driving force behind Slugger O’Toole) organises weekly Digital Lunches on Google Hangout. Mick has kindly invited me to take part in several. This is todays. The synopsis from Slugger O’Toole: “Today’s … is the first in… Continue Reading →

That was then … this isn’t

Yesterday on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, there was an interview with someone in Syria “on the internet”. In other words on Skype (or similar). No big deal. Not really worth mentioning. But then I suddenly remembered … In… Continue Reading →

Zen and the art of logging off

A report in the New York Times this week says that the some of the masters of Silicon Valley are now thinking about potential addiction to technology that may have been created by our reliance on gadgets and games. Not the… Continue Reading →

How we speak in Crossmaglen

I was doing a session with the Driving Change group from Crossmaglen. Fantastic group, but first we had to get over the language problem. Apologies for the my shaky camera work on the iPhone. Here are Glen and Ciaran. Feak… Continue Reading →

That was one brilliant week

We were told a few weeks ago that Public Achievement – the charity I work for – was going to be given a Big Society Award from the Prime Minister David Cameron. It is for the work we have been… Continue Reading →

Focus Matters

My new year’s resolution. That is all.

The Facebook Diet – how to loose ‘friends’ and be influenced by people

With 938 ‘Friends’ on Facebook, I have decided that this is a richness that I no longer need. In the end it was one post by one person that made me think’ What utter bollocks* – what a twisted idiot… Continue Reading →

The Week in WIMPS

Film maker Marc Mulholland joined the team. He’ll train Crew and Staff to make video better and help drive up our production standards – welcome Marc. Debs A WIMPS Youth Worker got the chance to get her feet under a desk… Continue Reading →

The Week in WIMPS – Week Beginnging 14 February 2011

Interviews with Political Leaders, choosing a design company to build our new web site and live streaming the first political party hustings – just part of this week at WIMPS. It is really astonishing the access that WIMPS has to… Continue Reading →

Social Media is the first draft of biography

“Journalism is the first draft of history,” is attributed to Philip Graham, a former co-owner of The Washington Post. “If journalism is the first draft of history, live blogging is the first draft of journalism. It’s not perfect, but it’s… Continue Reading →

Breakfast with BBC Trust

This was published this morning on my Digital Circle Ning blog which is only available to members. Every so often the full membership of the BBC Trust meets in Belfast. This is one of the out of London meetings shared… Continue Reading →

You’ll never go hungry in Holywood

Cafe Nero opened today in Holywood.  That means there are at least 12 coffee/snack places plus carry-outs and restaurants. From memory, here's a list starting at the top (Belfast end) of the town  – a total distance of 500 yards:… Continue Reading →

There is something about September.

I don’t write about politics. Over the last few weeks UK politicians have been pulling themselves to pieces over their nasty petty ego driven politics which has (deliberately?) over shadowed the real problems we face (the crappest economic conditions for… Continue Reading →

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