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Some links for DBS (and any other ) Journalism Students

I was talking to my Journalism students today and yesterday about the impact of technology on journalism and how journalism is changing. Although I’m supposed to be teaching radio production, I expect I will be dropping in the odd thought… Continue Reading →

Should a government tell a radio station what records to play and when?

I don’t usually write about music radio even though it was the foundation of my broadcasting career. And while I haven’t worked in music radio for quite a few years, I am still professionally and personally interested in it. So… Continue Reading →

Recording on location

There is no set way to record an interview away from the studio. Each place has its own challenges and opportunities. Sometimes you have to go out; if the interviewee can’t come to you, if the story is at a… Continue Reading →

Reading for radio

Reading aloud on the radio is easy, if you have a well written script. But there are a few simple tips to help you do it better.

My online plans for 2016

In 2016 I will be changing my approach to social media.

The Summer of the Mobile Wielding Tourist

Across Europe, across the world mobile Internet access is eclipsing desktop and laptop usage. Mobile phones and tablets are becoming the most common way to use the Internet.

How to own an audience – From WIRED magazine



Read more at Who was the kid on vibes? During Festival Bled,  I have listened to and enjoyed more chamber music than I guess I have ever heard performed in concert before. It has been a really memorable experience,… Continue Reading →

Read more at A severe case of cello twirling broke out last night in Bled Castle during the final concert of Festival Bled. The outbreak began towards the end of the concert when cellist (well, they were all cellists, weren’t they?) Vita  Peterlin gave… Continue Reading →

Who was the kid on vibes? During Festival Bled,  I have listened to and enjoyed more chamber music than I guess I have ever heard performed in concert before. It has been a really memorable experience, filled with learning and… Continue Reading →

Read more at The two great producers of dance music Nile Rogers and Bernard Edwards penned and produced the classic Sister Sledge song Lost In Music. (That will give you a hint as to where my music comfort zone… Continue Reading →

There is a different excitement in the air when young people are the performers and when children make up a significant portion of the audience. And it is real excitement – anticipation of the expected and unexpected, as they gossip… Continue Reading →

It is the jaw dropping brilliance of these young musicians that makes nights like last night so memorable.  Festival Bled continued Wednesday night as a lightning storm raged over Lake Bled. The Grand Hotel Toplice was once again the venue… Continue Reading →

Originally in Festival Bled Diary Read more at Read more at It was pretty close to standing room only in the Grand Hotel Toplice, Bled last night, as the room filled with people waiting in anticipation for what was going… Continue Reading →

A saxophone makes most music better. But can you imagine what 14 saxophones can do? This was a stunning performance to open the 20th Festival Bled. Rather a traditional classical concert SOS played “Golden Classics” in St Martin’s church. Better… Continue Reading →

First appeared in Bled Film Festival diary – part of LakeBledNews .com The Bled Film Festival didn’t end with a bang or a whimper – something more closely related to a sigh of relief. It was the oddest awards ceremony… Continue Reading →

The start of the Bled Film Festival today is the beginning of a series of festivals and events that takes us from mid-June to close to the end of August with barely a break. One night last summer I left… Continue Reading →

For the first time in its 20 year history, jazz, rock, pop and folk music master classes will be included in the Bled Festival. Until now this has been a classical music festival with students from around Europe attending master… Continue Reading →

The Bled Film Festival opens Tuesday 16 June promising at least two premiers, a retrospective of Polish film director Krzysztof Zanussi and the opportunity to hear two other film makers talk to an audience about their work. SEE THE FULL… Continue Reading →

At the start of the week, I knew nothing. Now, well I know a bit more. Over the past two days I have been at a conference representing The Slovenian Times. Bled School of Management has been hosting the 13th European Leadership… Continue Reading →

Twitter Scheduling as Radio Programming

It is worse to drive people away than to fail to attract them in the first place.

It’s not me Facebook – it’s you

Dear Facebook, We have been together for a long time now. We began to see each other regularly on 23 May 2007. It would be touching, you keeping a note of this date, if I didn’t think it was for an… Continue Reading →

“A hashtag is not a branding exercise.”

What is a hashtag for? I was sitting with an important client. We were talking about the hashtag to be used at an event with a potentially global audience. I was looking after the webcast and social media production. The… Continue Reading →

A lesson in Marketing and Communications

Allison Johnson was Apple VP of Worldwide Marketing Communication from 2005 to 2011. Interviewed by Behance CEO Scott Belskey, she talks about the difference between Apple’s ideas on marketing are and why “branding” is just not acceptable. From Read… Continue Reading →

Ukraine, Russia, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the First World War

It is coincidence rather than planning that on the centenary of the beginning of the First World War I am reading The Radetzky March. Detective novels and spy stories are my usual page turners. But e-readers give you a cheap… Continue Reading →

Net Neutrality

Unexpectedly, I was asked by someone in Washington D.C. about my views on Net Neutrality. Not something I have given a lot of thought to – the discussion is there, not here. But of course a decision in the US… Continue Reading →

Blogging is dead – Oh, no it’s not!

This year: Blogging is dead. Blogging is reborn. Blogging has shifted. And it’s still only January. OK So it’s February now (I spent a while thinking – about other things as it happens) and I have returned to the theme…. Continue Reading →

Managing Creativity – Ira Glass on Creativity

This video is taken from: Ira Glass on the Secret of Success in Creative Work, Animated in Kinetic Typography

Managing Creativity – The First Question; How can this be best possible?

When you are starting any project – professional or personal – the first question you have to ask is “How can we make this the best possible?”

Tips for live tweeting

1 – Prepare, prepare, prepare There are several things you should do beforehand I.         Who do you expect your audience to be – always be aware of the audience. II.         Equipment – you can do it on a mobile phone… Continue Reading →

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