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It’s not me Facebook – it’s you

Dear Facebook, We have been together for a long time now. We began to see each other regularly on 23 May 2007. It would be touching, you keeping a note of this date, if I didn’t think it was for an… Continue Reading →

Facebook is free – and Facebook is expensive

We all love Facebook – especially when we get to hate it. The most widely used and popular social media platform is used by close enough to 1 billion people. For the service all of those people pay. “If you’re… Continue Reading →


A very brave friend posted on Facebook an email he received from a twisted, vile sub-human. Read it here. While it was an email, it could just as easily been a letter through the post or a malicious phone call. It is… Continue Reading →

Zen and the art of logging off

A report in the New York Times this week says that the some of the masters of Silicon Valley are now thinking about potential addiction to technology that may have been created by our reliance on gadgets and games. Not the… Continue Reading →

Starter’s Guide to Social Media

Off to Queens University earlier this week to do an intro to social media for the Nutrition Society. It’s short. So’s this. The presentation on Blogging is here.   Introduction to Social Media from Davy SIms

PSNI Arrest a man for Facebook Comments

West Belfast PSNI (Police Service for Northern Ireland) have arrested a man because of the comments he left on their Facebook page. Saying that while the majority of people who comment on the page for the right reasons, “this is not the… Continue Reading →

Social Media in Emergencies

Back in the 1970’s the Independent Radio Network was being rolled out.  A programme controller at one station told me that the best thing that can happen to a new local broadcaster is a fall of snow or a flood…. Continue Reading →

Have you been spammed by Scribd from me?

When I signed up for Scribd a few months ago, I was a bit surprised that I got a bunch of followers within a few days. I hadn’t invited anyone to follow me nor had I published anything. But this story… Continue Reading →

Future Skills for the Digital Economy

Let’s crunch some numbers. As of last month there were 160,000,000 Twitter users. The platform was adding 370,000 new users every day. There were 90,000,000 tweets every day. Facebook has more than 500,000,000 users (or one person in 12 in… Continue Reading →

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