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Around the World Playlist 29 March 2019

Here is the playlist, and the download version.

Around the World Playlist 22 March 2019

This is the playlist for my Slice Audio show Around the World Fridays 19:00 to 21:00 UCT 22 March 2019.

Hrdza’s new album Neskrotený

“Welcome to Slovakia” they sing on Hit, a track on Hrdza’s new album Neskrotený. It is a thrill of an album using wit, style and excellent musicianship.

Slice Audio Playlist 15 March 2019

This is the playlist – but not necessarily the order, of Around the World on Slice Audio 15 March 2019.

A downloadable version of the show is also available.

Slice Audio Playlist 8 March 2019

This is the playlist (but not necessarily the order!) from my Around The World show on Slice Audio for International Women’s Day 8 March 2019.

Download Around the World show and Playlist Friday 1 March 2019

Week 3 playlist and a version of the live show.

Playlist Friday 22 February 2019

This is the full playlist from the show tonight on www.slice.audio 

Slice Audio – Friday 15 February

Last week (15 February 2019) I started a show on Slice Audio streaming on the internet.
Here is the playlist for week 1

Mixcloud Mix Number 3 “Random”

A new mix for the weekend. Some of the tunes connect, some don’t. Overall they are a random selection. There are bands and tunes you have never heard before (honestly worth hearing) and some you’ve forgotten you even knew.

Punk Ha! Ha! – Mixcloud mix 2

My second MixCloud mix. If nothing else punk has having a bloody good time – hence the title of this episode Punk! Ha ha!

My new Mixcloud channel

After much messing about I have signed up to Mixcloud to try it out. Not so many clever mixes, more a playlist. 

This is a Song from Europe part 1 (there may be more) and the first episode on what I call Davy Sims’s World Music Radio.

Mediterranean Music – Syria

It has taken quite a while to write about Syrian music that I have found on this imaginary trip around the Mediterranean. After a slow start, I found at least two fabulous bands, and many other fascinating musicians.

Mediterranean Music – Greece

My hyper-superficial imaginary music tour of the Med. continues. We are in Greece this time.

Podcast: Stuart Bailie – Trouble Songs

Music journalist Stuart Bailie’s new book Trouble Songs will be officially published in May, but it’s already starting to stir conversations and commentary. He takes on difficult stories from our history since the mid-1960s at the place where music meets social and political change and through interviews and analysis tries to understand and explain what happened.

It will be in the shops around now, but you can also order it on the web at TroubleSongs.com

Podcast: Oh Yeah music centre

On this episode the story of the Oh Yeah music centre with Charlotte Dryden and Paul Kane. There’s music from Hand Models, Reevah, Strange New Places and Cut in Blinks.

Best Albums #1 – Gibralter to Trieste

Time for a breather and look back on the last few months’ music collecting. We started our journey in Gibralter, and I am pausing here on the doorstep of the Balkan peninsula. I hope you enjoy this music as much as I did. Do watch the videos, too.

Mediterranean Music – Italy – Toe to heel

To the deep south of Italy to discover some of the most exciting and invigorating music that I have heard for years, all the more enjoyable as I have never heard of Pizzica music, seen such big tambourines or ever considered that at Italy’s heal there was such a concentration of superb musicians.

Now I’m listening to … Dikanda

Then I discovered the “Related Artists” link on Spotify. (As I write incidentally I am listening to this.) A few years ago I lamented on Facebook that I was just so tired of music.

I have rediscovered the excitement of finding new (to me) music that I once had as a DJ.

Music walk around old town Ljubljana

I was in Ljubljana on a Saturday morning to record some of the sounds of the streets. Particularly the street music and the other music seeping out of buildings in the historic old town.

Music: Jupiter Okwess

Three years ago, when he released his international debut album Hotel Univers, it seemed that Jupiter Bokondji would be the new hero of the African music scene. Here, after all, was a Kinshasa veteran with a real sense of danger in his singing, who had proved equally exhilarating playing live. Now, at last, comes the follow-up, and though it’s a six-track mini-album.

Music: Gaye Su Akyol: Hologram Ĭmparatorluğu

Gaye Su Akyol’s influences, she says, include the veteran, highly political Turkish folk singer Selda Bağcan along with Nick Cave and Grace Slick, and the result is a set of compositions that are both dramatic and distinctly Turkish.

Music: Amira Medunjanin

Amira Medunjanin is the finest exponent of sevdah, the melancholy and emotional folk music of Bosnia, and is remarkable not just for her clear, pained voice, but for the way she balances respect for ancient styles with experiment.

Dej še’n litro

Dej še’n litro – the name does not translate well in Bing or Google translators. Actually it translates as nonsense, which is probably appropriate. At the end of a good night on the town someone will turn to another and… Continue Reading →

The Bottom Line and Across The Line at 30

There is a playlist that goes with this posting – please feel free to add to it. In April 1986 I left Downtown Radio. I began “presenting” programmes there in 1979 – I was a DJ but the convention at… Continue Reading →

Brexit and the Creative Industries: a perspective from Ireland

I don’t intend discussing Brexit, but I offer this link to anyone interested in listening. How might musicians and Film and TV makers be affected by Brexit as seen from Dublin? It is a podcast from the Irish Times. “The… Continue Reading →

Patetico: from Slovenia and cooler than the Sava during the spring thaw

I found this band and album by jumping from link to link, suggestion to suggestion. starting with Laibach, through to Melodrom and the next step was Patetico. It looks like the album “Vse je v redu z mojo dušo” (Everything… Continue Reading →

Here’s to Stuart Bailie the man who made Oh Yeah

Stuart Bailie the founding father of Belfast’s Oh Yeah centre hands over to a new CEO. Oh Yeah is a unique place were music is created, celebrated, remembered and the business around I taught. But it has only been one achievement of the man who might have invented the word “Britpop”.

Dupain: From Marseilles, “Occitan” and “Celtique” music mixed with electronics and noise

It is not easy to find information (in English) about Dupain. In my continuing search to find really interesting music that I’ve not heard before, this Occitan band is my next stop, and I might hang around here for a while. Since their reformation in 2011 they have been experimenting with electronic, jazz and experimental noise. The most recent studio album is La Sòrga which I have been listening to over the last few days.

Lila Downs: traditional Mexican and native Mesoamerican music

I really am catching up on music I missed sometime over the last 20 years. This week Lila Downs, her album Balas y Chocolate has been played almost every day. She’s playing in London’s Royal Festival Hall, thus proving I have fallen way behind in finding interesting music.

Astor Piazzolla: The man who revolutionised the Tango

I came by Astor Pantaleón Piazzolla by chance. Last year I was given a private recording of the SFK Youth Orchestra performing at the Bled Festival in 2007. The opening was Astor Piazzolla’s Oblivion.

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