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Wire: Another band celebrating 40 years

And I was playing their early work in the early 1980s. Nocturnal Koreans is a mini album of 8 tracks which I’ve been listening to for a couple of weeks – since its release.

Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu: Songs from North Australia in Yolŋu

A news story in the Guardian sent me off to find out about Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu. Maybe you have already heard his music – as I said in an earlier post, I’m just trying to catch up.

Abavuki: Jazz from South Africa’s Cape

I love Abavuki. They are the most energetic band I have ever seen. The Marimba led multi-instrumentalists change the stage line-up through their performance.

Mariza: Fado singer from Portugal

So today to my surprise and delight I have been listening to Mariza and in particular her new album Mundo.

MP3 or not MP3 that is the question

Cheesy headline – sorry. So, MP3 music files are more convenient. More convenient for the user – easily available online through music distributors such as iTunes and Amazon, fast to download, portable, cheaper – if you just like one track you… Continue Reading →

Time to be Proud Oh Yeah

I’ve never been so busy.  I mean never, ever in my life. But I’m more than grateful to William Maxwell for sending me a preview of “Time to be Proud”. I’ve 5 tracks of new versions of some classic ’80’s… Continue Reading →

Best Press Conference Ever

Watch to the end

Tom Waits – Tom Traubert’s Blues

Rory Gallagher – Messin with the kid

Rory Gallagher – Going to my Home Town

Rory Gallagher – Bullfrog Blues (one more time)

Rory Gallagher – Bullfrog Blues


Edgar Broughton Band – Drop Out Boogie

When I was young – mid teens I loved this – Captin Beefheat meets the Shadows — the album version is much better – but this will do. except this version doesn;t do The Shadows — a bit too serious,… Continue Reading →

Groundhogs Split Part II

The video isn’t up to much – but the track….

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