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It’s not me Facebook – it’s you

Dear Facebook, We have been together for a long time now. We began to see each other regularly on 23 May 2007. It would be touching, you keeping a note of this date, if I didn’t think it was for an… Continue Reading →

Facebook is free – and Facebook is expensive

We all love Facebook – especially when we get to hate it. The most widely used and popular social media platform is used by close enough to 1 billion people. For the service all of those people pay. “If you’re… Continue Reading →


A very brave friend posted on Facebook an email he received from a twisted, vile sub-human. Read it here. While it was an email, it could just as easily been a letter through the post or a malicious phone call. It is… Continue Reading →

Over and Klout

Klout – don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it – if you’re on social media it has probably heard of you. This from Financial Post Over the past few weeks, several reports have surfaced which indicate Klout was creating “shadow profiles”… Continue Reading →

Social Media is the first draft of biography

“Journalism is the first draft of history,” is attributed to Philip Graham, a former co-owner of The Washington Post. “If journalism is the first draft of history, live blogging is the first draft of journalism. It’s not perfect, but it’s… Continue Reading →

I hope it’s not “Bye bye” Stephen Fry

@StephenFry Twittering his life and thoughts has been (or was?) a grand experiment. His frequent posts have been interesting, amusing, deeply personal and sometimes the stuff that made me envious.  All those exotic trips in luxurious transport; any one would be a “once in… Continue Reading →

Have you been spammed by Scribd from me?

When I signed up for Scribd a few months ago, I was a bit surprised that I got a bunch of followers within a few days. I hadn’t invited anyone to follow me nor had I published anything. But this story… Continue Reading →

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