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Podcast: Stuart Bailie – Trouble Songs

Music journalist Stuart Bailie’s new book Trouble Songs will be officially published in May, but it’s already starting to stir conversations and commentary. He takes on difficult stories from our history since the mid-1960s at the place where music meets social and political change and through interviews and analysis tries to understand and explain what happened.

It will be in the shops around now, but you can also order it on the web at

Funding creativity – from guitar strings to global exports

How do you fund creativity? If you are planning to make a business from your passion? Creativity and innovation needs support, funding and professional advice. Investment is the theme of this episode

Podcast: Episode 5 – Matthew Scott Founder and CEO of Navada Group

Matthew Scott is the CEO of Navada Group. Navada HQ is in Newcastle Upon Tyne, but it has a presence in Belfast, London, New York and about to open an office in Sweden. But the founder is from Bangor. He lives there now in preparation for a major development expected to be announced officially in June.

Episode 21 – The story so far

As we reach episode 21 … this is the story so far. Now the podcast is part of a project with two books Podcasting for Communities and Podcasting for Student Journalists.

Along with this blog they are a guide for anyone who wants learn to produce podcasts or community radio. I’ve looked at production strategies such as structure, technical challenges, organising a production team, podcast platforms, community management and purpose

No Such Thing as a Fish – recording and editing

Talking to Alex and Freddie of the QI Elves about No Such Thing as a Fish, not only because I’m a fan, but because of the technical and production approach they take. I wanted to know how they do what they do.

Barbara McCann – Broadcaster and Journalist

With some 40 year’s experience in journalism, Barbara McCann has worked in radio, TV and print. She talks about interviewing and her approach to getting answers.

Laibach’s Ivan Novak (Saliger) talked to Davy Sims in Ljubljana – Podcast

Interview with Ivan Novak also known as Saliger, a founding member of Slovenian band Laibach on their 35 anniversary and on his return from North Korea concerts.

Pilot Podcast – Martin Gilchrist

My first interviewee for this podcast series is Martin Gilchrist. We met in The MAC in Belfast. The MAC is a popular and accessible arts centre in the city. Popular with people interested in the arts, of course. But also a place where people involved in tech and startup businesses hang out sometimes.

Recording on location

There is no set way to record an interview away from the studio. Each place has its own challenges and opportunities. Sometimes you have to go out; if the interviewee can’t come to you, if the story is at a… Continue Reading →

Writing for Radio – Tips and pointers

From The NPR Guide to Audio Journalism and Production, some excellent tips on writing for radio for students, print journalists and podcasters.

U2 and Me

Notes on an interview about 30 years of U2 gigs in Belfast.

One of the best music festival in Europe is held every year in Bled, Slovenia. Leo Ličof is founder and artistic director.

Vila Ajda is one of the grand houses built in the 18th and early 19th century that are dotted around Lake Bled. It now houses one of the best restaurants Bled used by visitors and locals alike. For the last… Continue Reading →

Clay Shirky Interview on Outriders

I don’t listen much to Radio 5 Live – and consequently have missed previous editions of this programme with in a programme ‘Outriders’ which is broadcast at 3.00 am. This morning’s programme was a 26 minute conversation with Clay Shirky…. Continue Reading →

Podcast: Tracey Lee Head of Emergency Services at Steria

Tracey Lee of Steria visited Belfast recently to present at the Mobile Solutuions for the Public Sector conference sponsored by Steria and organised by Momentum and Socitm. Afterwards I spoke to Tracey about Steria and Mobile Working. Listen to the… Continue Reading →

Mourne View Museum

This from today's Your Place and Mine on Radio Ulster.  Norman Kerr showing me around his private museum near Laurencetown And here are few videos. </object> </object> Posted via email from Davy Sims Posterous Site

Private Museum of Agriculture and Technology

Last Friday I visited a private collection of agricultural equipment and (what turned out to be) technology near Gilford in County Armagh. I was there to interview Norman Kerr about the original mobile defibrillator he had in his collection.  But there… Continue Reading →

Star Singers

Off this evening to [Star Singers]( – otherwise known as “the choir for people who can’t sing”. A slightly unfair epithet as most of the people I saw there a few weeks ago could sing – and sing well. What’s… Continue Reading →

Harrison Photography

John Harrison is one of Northern Ireland's news photography legends.  I was asked to write a profile about him which has just appeared in  "When John Harrison founded Harrison Photography in 1994, he didn’t realise that it would lead him… Continue Reading →

Knockmany Chambered Cairn

</object> For the Radio Ulster programme Your Place and Mine I visited the Knockmany Chambered Cairn just outside Augher.  Professor Mark Bailey is the Director of the Armagh Observatory and Edith Logue works for the NI Environmental Agency. You can… Continue Reading →

Barcamp Derry

To Derry this morning for the first Barcamp Derry held at Magee.  With 170 people signed up to attend and three streams of events throughout the day, it was a success the moment it started.  On the podcast interviews with… Continue Reading →

Making Profit Online – The Bottom Line

One of the best programmes on the radio is The Bottom Line presented by Evan Davis.  It’s on Radio 4, but reversioned for World Service and News 24 – the BBC News Channel. Carolyn McCall is Chief Executive of the… Continue Reading →

Interview with Gary Wilmot from Andor Technology

Andor Technology is a specialist camera maker. The business started 20 years ago at Queens University. Earlier this week they posted a hike of 65% in pre-tax profits for the year to the end of September. The company said its… Continue Reading →


This podcast is normally about web content, but this time its a very different content – the recording and monitoring of termerature. Paddy Hearty is the director of Kelsius. Kelsius is a service that automates the process of temperature monitoring… Continue Reading →

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