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Hotel Review: Grand Union Hotel, Ljubljana

Union is a stylish, very well maintained hotel. The new room was large, fresh as a daisy and had a view of that wonderful building opposite. Although the city was heaving outside, once the curtains were closed, there was no sound from outside.


I spent about two and a half hours wandering around the old Slovenian town Tržič, which is a short drive on the highway from Bled, but a much longer – and significantly more interesting journey by bus. This post features video audio and photos.

Ljubljana Christmas Lights

As Dawn and I stood on the Triple Bridge on a damp Friday evening, there were voices around us from well beyond Ljubljana and Slovenia – Spain, France, Canada, USA, and goodness knows where else.  And with a count down… Continue Reading →

Antiq Palace Hotel review

Ljubljana is one of my favourite cities in the world – and I have been to many. I’m lucky to visit Ljubljana quite often these days. The city has a number of very good hotels and I have stayed in several. But now I have found the Antiq Palace, it’s unlikely I will try any others.

Walk around Lake Bled November 2016

Dej še’n litro

Dej še’n litro – the name does not translate well in Bing or Google translators. Actually it translates as nonsense, which is probably appropriate. At the end of a good night on the town someone will turn to another and… Continue Reading →

Patetico: from Slovenia and cooler than the Sava during the spring thaw

I found this band and album by jumping from link to link, suggestion to suggestion. starting with Laibach, through to Melodrom and the next step was Patetico. It looks like the album “Vse je v redu z mojo dušo” (Everything… Continue Reading →

Slovenia & Balkan Weekly News Briefing 29 May

As the paint splattered, “Colourful Revolution” continues in Macedonia, and in part as a response, the country’s President Gjorge Ivanov has revoked pardons for 22 of 56 politicians, which sparked the protests.

Image: Twitter/Balkan Newsbeat

Slovenia & Balkan Weekly News Briefing – Week Ending 22 May 2016

In addition to the news this week former Bosnian foreign minister and ambassador to the United Nations writes about countries unmoved by the Sarajevo siege …
Image: By Christian Maréchal – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

Slovenia & Balkan Weekly News Briefing – Week Ending 1 May 2016

The Eurovision Song Contest is but 2 weeks away and the non-musical pseudo political rumbles have begun. Sympathy, please for the people of Romania who will neither be represented on the Eurovision stage, even though they had a qualifier Moment… Continue Reading →

This week’s Slovenia & Balkan Weekly News Briefing is ready

The highlights of the main stories from the Balkans

Laibach’s Ivan Novak (Saliger) talked to Davy Sims in Ljubljana – Podcast

Interview with Ivan Novak also known as Saliger, a founding member of Slovenian band Laibach on their 35 anniversary and on his return from North Korea concerts.

Should a government tell a radio station what records to play and when?

I don’t usually write about music radio even though it was the foundation of my broadcasting career. And while I haven’t worked in music radio for quite a few years, I am still professionally and personally interested in it. So… Continue Reading →

The Summer of the Mobile Wielding Tourist

Across Europe, across the world mobile Internet access is eclipsing desktop and laptop usage. Mobile phones and tablets are becoming the most common way to use the Internet.

The world is now watching – and planning to visit

This is a piece I wrote for Slovenia Times magazine, now on their website.  

Over on the Lake Bled News blogs I have written a bunch of reviews of Festival Bled performances. Here’s the blog.

Reviews from Okarina Festival

  Over on the Lake Bled News Blog pages, I have written a bunch of reviews of Okarina performances this year. There are a couple of interviews two. This is the list Ester Rada and her band at Okarina Catalonia’s… Continue Reading →

On the eve of the Bled Strategic Forum

The black limousines with the darkened windows are heading up the hill to the Vila Bled again today. The BMW shuttle service brings some of the most politically influential individuals in the south western Europe and Balkans region to hotels… Continue Reading →

One of the best music festival in Europe is held every year in Bled, Slovenia. Leo Ličof is founder and artistic director.

Read more at Who was the kid on vibes? During Festival Bled,  I have listened to and enjoyed more chamber music than I guess I have ever heard performed in concert before. It has been a really memorable experience,… Continue Reading →

Read more at A severe case of cello twirling broke out last night in Bled Castle during the final concert of Festival Bled. The outbreak began towards the end of the concert when cellist (well, they were all cellists, weren’t they?) Vita  Peterlin gave… Continue Reading →

Read more at The two great producers of dance music Nile Rogers and Bernard Edwards penned and produced the classic Sister Sledge song Lost In Music. (That will give you a hint as to where my music comfort zone… Continue Reading →

There is a different excitement in the air when young people are the performers and when children make up a significant portion of the audience. And it is real excitement – anticipation of the expected and unexpected, as they gossip… Continue Reading →

It is the jaw dropping brilliance of these young musicians that makes nights like last night so memorable.  Festival Bled continued Wednesday night as a lightning storm raged over Lake Bled. The Grand Hotel Toplice was once again the venue… Continue Reading →

Originally in Festival Bled Diary Read more at Read more at It was pretty close to standing room only in the Grand Hotel Toplice, Bled last night, as the room filled with people waiting in anticipation for what was going… Continue Reading →

Bled, Classical Music, Festival, Festival Bled, Jazz, KUD Dobreč, Music, orchestra, tambura

A saxophone makes most music better. But can you imagine what 14 saxophones can do? This was a stunning performance to open the 20th Festival Bled. Rather a traditional classical concert SOS played “Golden Classics” in St Martin’s church. Better… Continue Reading →

Originally published on Bled Film Festival Diary Some of the cast and production team of the Arnold Rikli film premier at the Bled Film Festival Arnold Rikli is held in high esteem in Bled. He is said to be the… Continue Reading →

First appeared in Bled Film Festival diary – part of LakeBledNews .com The Bled Film Festival didn’t end with a bang or a whimper – something more closely related to a sigh of relief. It was the oddest awards ceremony… Continue Reading →

[This article first appeared in Bled Film Festival Diary] I don’t have a car in Slovenia. So to get from my apartment to the upper terrace of Bled Castle takes about an hour to walk. The final gruelling 30 minutes… Continue Reading →

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