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The social media detox one week on

Tracking my reduced use of social media. One week on and there are few problems.

The social media detox

I am planning to reduce or stop almost completely using social media. This is the first in a series of reflections as I try to stop.

Sound Recording and Microphones – Interview with Willis McBrier

Broadcast and communications engineer turned lecturer in creative media, Willis McBrier talks audio recording

Think before you click or share

I see this nonsense meme is making the rounds again. It’s not true, and I wonder what the real motivation is.

What do you want to say? First know your audience

My communications mantra hasn’t changed much over the years. I have found it serves me well.

Podcasting for Journalism Students Second Edition – Free Copy

I have thought about distributing this through the podcast, but as people expect an audio file, not a PDF, I decided it was better to post this PDF here and allow anyone to download it … for a short time at least.

Podcasting for Journalism Students bookIt is available on Kindle and as a paperback

The book is for young, trainee, or student journalists not specialising in broadcast media. It is an introduction to “making content”, podcasting and broadcasting whether you want to understand production on a professional level or simply because you want to create podcasts for fun or add something useful to your CV.

As the vilest Writer has his Readers, so the greatest Liar has his Believers

It was a follow up to some information I had sent a Slovene journalist who was writing about fake news. He came back with some very simple questions (below). Why does fake news take sometimes and not take other times?

Olly Mann interview

It’s more than 10 years since Olly Mann began podcasting. He is now one of the most prolific and popular podcasters in the UK. He and Helen Zaltzman started Answer Me This when hardly anyone recognised the word podcast.

Interview – Larry Gifford of The Radio Stuff Podcast

Internationally known broadcaster and trainer Larry Gifford talks to Davy Sims about the principles of podcasting.

How is technology impacting on Journalism? This week Snapchat and paywalls

This week the Wall Street Journal publishing on Snapchat and the move of The Independent to online only,

My online plans for 2016

In 2016 I will be changing my approach to social media.

The Summer of the Mobile Wielding Tourist

Across Europe, across the world mobile Internet access is eclipsing desktop and laptop usage. Mobile phones and tablets are becoming the most common way to use the Internet.

How the Web has changed the Wireless

the latest “Internet Sensation” is not even a video – it is a radio programme, and what is even more remarkable about this “radio programme” is that it has never been broadcast on the radio – not in any conventional sense of what we historically have known the radio to be.

Friday Night MashUp Christmas Party Invitation

Twitter Scheduling as Radio Programming

It is worse to drive people away than to fail to attract them in the first place.

First published on LinkedIn

Why some web advertising doesn’t work

While some web advertising has become very sophisticated, other advertising platforms fail completely.

It’s not me Facebook – it’s you

Dear Facebook, We have been together for a long time now. We began to see each other regularly on 23 May 2007. It would be touching, you keeping a note of this date, if I didn’t think it was for an… Continue Reading →

“A hashtag is not a branding exercise.”

What is a hashtag for? I was sitting with an important client. We were talking about the hashtag to be used at an event with a potentially global audience. I was looking after the webcast and social media production. The… Continue Reading →

A lesson in Marketing and Communications

Allison Johnson was Apple VP of Worldwide Marketing Communication from 2005 to 2011. Interviewed by Behance CEO Scott Belskey, she talks about the difference between Apple’s ideas on marketing are and why “branding” is just not acceptable. From Read… Continue Reading →

Socila media policy – how to deal with comments

I have been trying to write a guide for organisations who want to use socila media, or are using it, but have not got a social media policy. I will publish the guide in due course. But there will need… Continue Reading →

Net Neutrality

Unexpectedly, I was asked by someone in Washington D.C. about my views on Net Neutrality. Not something I have given a lot of thought to – the discussion is there, not here. But of course a decision in the US… Continue Reading →

Blogging is dead – Oh, no it’s not!

This year: Blogging is dead. Blogging is reborn. Blogging has shifted. And it’s still only January. OK So it’s February now (I spent a while thinking – about other things as it happens) and I have returned to the theme…. Continue Reading →

Using Traditional and New Media For Campaigns Against Prejudice, Xenophobia and Discrimination

The December meeting of the Grundvig group was held in Cezayir Istanbul. These are some of the social media links to resources and work of some of the people and organisations who presented to the group. Ekran Saka a professor… Continue Reading →

Social Media For Business – some talking points

Over the weekend I was asked by the Belfast Telegraph to do an interview about how businesses in Northern Ireland do social media. Grateful for a few day’s notice, I began jotting down a few notes. And the few notes… Continue Reading →

Tips for live tweeting

1 – Prepare, prepare, prepare There are several things you should do beforehand I.         Who do you expect your audience to be – always be aware of the audience. II.         Equipment – you can do it on a mobile phone… Continue Reading →

Girls at risk Hack – request for ideas

I got a request from friends in They are doing a tech-jam next Tuesday building an app for girls and women in abusive relationships. I’ve been asked if my friends in tech here in Northern Ireland and beyond can… Continue Reading →

WIMPS at South Africa’s Media Conference for Youth

A short report written for a different blog. The coach’s engine was overheating. Outside the sun was beating down – it was 35 degrees. Inside, the coach air conditioning was on full pelt to keep us cool. And we were… Continue Reading →

Gumboot Dance – the Media Kidocracy Konference talent night winners

While working in South Africa at the beginning of December 2012 at the Media Kidocracy Konference organised by Bush Radio, the organisers held a talent night for the young people at the conference. The winners were these guys. Not the… Continue Reading →

Video report from MKK South Africa

WIMPS – Karen reports from the Media Kidocracy Konference in South Africa from on Vimeo.

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