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The Facebook Diet – how to loose ‘friends’ and be influenced by people

With 938 ‘Friends’ on Facebook, I have decided that this is a richness that I no longer need. In the end it was one post by one person that made me think’ What utter bollocks* – what a twisted idiot… Continue Reading →

Social Media Association for Business – First Birthday

[A few weeks ago I was invited to speak at the Social Media Association for Business’s first birthday at the Conor Hall in the University of Ulster York Road. Thanks to Aidan Breslan for doing the research for this piece.]… Continue Reading →


I’ve just curated (no, not written – the word to be used is ‘curated’) my first story on I’m not going to link to it from here (or anywhere, come to that). It was not an intuitive process. I’m not sure… Continue Reading →

Transparency and Objectivity

Let’s take two sites where you go for advice: Trip Advisor and Which? Both are transparent and objective but in different ways. It is transparent that the reviews on Trip Advisor are written by the public. The reviewers are not… Continue Reading →

Changing language in Social Media

Over the last few months I have been using a new set of words to tag my bookmarks on Delicious. The words I have been using – and I expect I will continue to use are socialmedia, web analytics journalism… Continue Reading →

Social Media and NIGAG

@Iwhitten – known to the real world as Ivor Whitten asked me to speak at a NIGAG (the Northern Ireland Government Affairs Group) along with @brownturf (Susie Brown head of communications for the Northern Ireland Assembly) and himself. We each did an opening… Continue Reading →

“Copy-cat Riots” – isn’t it time traditional media took some responsibility?

Facile journalism drives me nuts. The search for blame in the recent riots in England has been predictable in the traditional media. Within hours lazy and sensationalist journalists lay the blame for the riots, looting, violence and criminality at the… Continue Reading →


Week in WIMPS – Week Beginning 21 February 2011

Last week ended at the Queens Film Theatre in Belfast at a screening of films made by young people. New volunteer Kevin got his first shot at camera work and Nora and Paddy their first work under a professional TV director…. Continue Reading →

Young People and Mobiles: is Blackberry the handset of choice?

I asked this question on Twitter this morning and later on Facebook. “Anecdotal: big rise in Blackberry use among teenagers in Belfast. Anyone else noticed?” There has been a really interesting response from beyond just Belfast or Northern Ireland.… Continue Reading →

The Week in WIMPS – Week Beginnging 14 February 2011

Interviews with Political Leaders, choosing a design company to build our new web site and live streaming the first political party hustings – just part of this week at WIMPS. It is really astonishing the access that WIMPS has to… Continue Reading →

H2G2 to be ‘disposed of’

It’s no surprise to readers of Douglas Adams that ‘So Long and Thanks for all the Fish’ is the topic heading for members ofH2G2 today. You see, the out-going Head of Future Media and Technology at the BBC Eric Huggers has announced on… Continue Reading →

When Social Media Goes Wrong

As I said in my post yesterday, people turn to social media in emergencies.  Information is updated and shared faster than on traditional media, but the information is only as reliable as the source. It can go wrong.  Here is… Continue Reading →

Social Media in Emergencies

Back in the 1970’s the Independent Radio Network was being rolled out.  A programme controller at one station told me that the best thing that can happen to a new local broadcaster is a fall of snow or a flood…. Continue Reading →

Google Buzz or Google Zzzz?

This is a version of my Belfast Telegraph column for this week:  Less than a month ago Google launched their social networking and messaging tool Google Buzz to a largely lukewarm reception.  In late 2007 Google acquired the Jaiku social… Continue Reading →

Rise and Fall of the Twitter Generations

This is an extended version of my Belfast Telegraph column 16 Feb. A shiver ran round the corporate offices of technology, media and investment companies last summer. A 15 year old intern in Morgan Stanley said “Kids don’t use Twitter”.  Actually… Continue Reading →

Contains Strong Language

This week’s Belfast Telegraph column: The third series of the brilliant BBC TV comedy “The Thick of It” has come to an end.  It tells the story of the  fictional Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship and in particular the… Continue Reading →

Report: Social networks flourish – but still have to solve the targeted ads riddle

From Jemima Kiss in Media Guardian An in-depth study by Nielsen Online confirms that social networking has become a ubiquitous part of our online lives, with two-thirds of the world’s online population contributing to some form of member community at… Continue Reading →

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