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Women in Tech

In this edition, women who work in tech, three leaders who were involved with the Women Techmakers summit which was held in Belfast last weekend.  On Friday evening there were workshops and on Saturday the main event was in W5. Victoria McCallum was on the podcast to preview the event a few weeks ago, and she’s back to reflect on how it all went. Claire Burn and Daniella Topping were with Victoria when we sat down to talk about the summit and more generally women in technology here.

Maxine Mawhinney’s “The Moment” and Gareth Quinn of Digital DNA

Innovations and new ventures in this episode of the podcast (with the really clever name). From TV to YouTube and celebrating collaboration with Digital DNA Belfast. Maxine Mawhinney’s The Moment and Digital DNA in Belfast

Funding creativity – from guitar strings to global exports

How do you fund creativity? If you are planning to make a business from your passion? Creativity and innovation needs support, funding and professional advice. Investment is the theme of this episode

Podcast: Episode 4 – Technology bringing real people together in real spaces

We have two interviews. Victoria McCallum is one of the organisers of Women Techmakers Belfast – the event is to be held on 14 April in W5 Belfast. Andrew Bolster one of the founders of Farset Labs. He tells the story of the lab’s beginnings and expectation for the future.

Generation Innovation’s Night of Ambition – Podcast

This is Generation Innovation Night of Ambition. The annual event has become important not just for schools who nominate pupils as participants, it is a key moment in the year for organisers Connect at the Northern Ireland Science Park and for many, many people involved on the fringes of NISP.

Pilot Podcast – Martin Gilchrist

My first interviewee for this podcast series is Martin Gilchrist. We met in The MAC in Belfast. The MAC is a popular and accessible arts centre in the city. Popular with people interested in the arts, of course. But also a place where people involved in tech and startup businesses hang out sometimes.

How to own an audience – From WIRED magazine



Create2014 Conference and KickStarter

I am very proud to have been invited to speak at Create2014 in Derry~Londonderry September 17 as part of CultureTECH week. With in 24 hours of launching their KickStarter, the reached 50% of their goal and are as I write… Continue Reading →

“A hashtag is not a branding exercise.”

What is a hashtag for? I was sitting with an important client. We were talking about the hashtag to be used at an event with a potentially global audience. I was looking after the webcast and social media production. The… Continue Reading →

A lesson in Marketing and Communications

Allison Johnson was Apple VP of Worldwide Marketing Communication from 2005 to 2011. Interviewed by Behance CEO Scott Belskey, she talks about the difference between Apple’s ideas on marketing are and why “branding” is just not acceptable. From Read… Continue Reading →

Net Neutrality

Unexpectedly, I was asked by someone in Washington D.C. about my views on Net Neutrality. Not something I have given a lot of thought to – the discussion is there, not here. But of course a decision in the US… Continue Reading →

Managing Creativity – Ira Glass on Creativity

This video is taken from: Ira Glass on the Secret of Success in Creative Work, Animated in Kinetic Typography

Social Media For Business – some talking points

Over the weekend I was asked by the Belfast Telegraph to do an interview about how businesses in Northern Ireland do social media. Grateful for a few day’s notice, I began jotting down a few notes. And the few notes… Continue Reading →

Girls at risk Hack – request for ideas

I got a request from friends in They are doing a tech-jam next Tuesday building an app for girls and women in abusive relationships. I’ve been asked if my friends in tech here in Northern Ireland and beyond can… Continue Reading →

It’s not the changing technology

It’s not the changing technology that matters most, it’s what the technology is changing.

Facebook is free – and Facebook is expensive

We all love Facebook – especially when we get to hate it. The most widely used and popular social media platform is used by close enough to 1 billion people. For the service all of those people pay. “If you’re… Continue Reading →

Nutrition for mind and a nice lunch

Forget about the Christmas rush. Get mind food and inspiration from some outstanding women at TEDxBelfastWomen in the fantastic new Skainos building in east Belfast, TEDxBelfastWomen is the first invent of its kind. Get more info and more importantly book tickets… Continue Reading →

Berlin Tech Hub

No, I’ve not been there, but Peter Day from BBC World Service showed me around at 4.30 this morning. (Listen here.) If you have not heard Global Business (BBC World Service) or In Business (BBC Radio 4), then I recommend… Continue Reading →

String theory and the decade of anniversaries

This is a longer blog post that I would even read – let alone write. So here is the headline. The past is important we should learn from it. But it is the past. We need to think more about… Continue Reading →

Crisis of Leadership

I think we are facing a crisis of leadership in Northern Ireland. Here’s my (unfinished) thinking. I once went on a two day course on decision making. It was very good, but I remember little about it apart from an… Continue Reading →

In praise of an app

Now there is a title I had never expected to write. I am occasionally an early adopter – particularly free stuff. Less so with expensive hardware or where it all seems a bit “trendy” or “cultist”. So I didn’t bother with the… Continue Reading →

Zen and the art of logging off

A report in the New York Times this week says that the some of the masters of Silicon Valley are now thinking about potential addiction to technology that may have been created by our reliance on gadgets and games. Not the… Continue Reading →

Titanic Ideas at TEDxBelfast

Working together even in small ways can create great things. That was one of the themes that emerged from TEDxBelfast held in Titanic Belfast on 6 June. Here’s the playlist on YouTube Speakers from Belfast, Vancouver, Kenya and Dublin presented… Continue Reading →

Are you going to TEDxBelfast?

Let’s not build the next Facebook

Here’s an idea. Let’s not build the next Facebook in Northern Ireland. Let’s not even use that phrase as shorthand to explain our tech/web/media ambitions. If we do we will limit ourselves and our thinking. The next Facebook already exists…. Continue Reading →

MP3 or not MP3 that is the question

Cheesy headline – sorry. So, MP3 music files are more convenient. More convenient for the user – easily available online through music distributors such as iTunes and Amazon, fast to download, portable, cheaper – if you just like one track you… Continue Reading →

Why did Wikipedia go ‘dark’?

(Written for They are protesting about a law being debated in the US congress to outlaw internet piracy. Wikipedia is only one of  many interert companies worried about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act… Continue Reading →

Changing language in Social Media

Over the last few months I have been using a new set of words to tag my bookmarks on Delicious. The words I have been using – and I expect I will continue to use are socialmedia, web analytics journalism… Continue Reading →

The iPhone Is Absolutely Slaughtering The Blackberry

Earlier this year I carried out some scientifically dubious, yet pleasingly interesting research about Blackberry handsets (particularly Curve) and young people. From the information gathered, it appeared that the handset of choice for young people was the Blackberry. Now sales… Continue Reading →

“Copy-cat Riots” – isn’t it time traditional media took some responsibility?

Facile journalism drives me nuts. The search for blame in the recent riots in England has been predictable in the traditional media. Within hours lazy and sensationalist journalists lay the blame for the riots, looting, violence and criminality at the… Continue Reading →

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