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Young People and Mobiles: is Blackberry the handset of choice?

I asked this question on Twitter this morning and later on Facebook. “Anecdotal: big rise in Blackberry use among teenagers in Belfast. Anyone else noticed?” There has been a really interesting response from beyond just Belfast or Northern Ireland.… Continue Reading →

Social Media in Emergencies

Back in the 1970’s the Independent Radio Network was being rolled out.  A programme controller at one station told me that the best thing that can happen to a new local broadcaster is a fall of snow or a flood…. Continue Reading →

Keeping journalism relevant in the age of “publishing for everyone”

The oldest journalism organisation in the US, the Society of Professional Journalists is looking at future challenges to journalism in the digital age. Nieman Journalism Lab has published 10 points on how that can be achieved based on this report. Any one of the… Continue Reading →

Local – A force in emerging media

This week has been marked by two almost under the wire speculative thoughts in new/social media Is the internet dead asks the Economist? “A virtual counter-revolution: The internet has been a great unifier of people, companies and online networks”. The… Continue Reading →

Clay Shirky Interview on Outriders

I don’t listen much to Radio 5 Live – and consequently have missed previous editions of this programme with in a programme ‘Outriders’ which is broadcast at 3.00 am. This morning’s programme was a 26 minute conversation with Clay Shirky…. Continue Reading →

Digital Circle Steering Group

The Digital Circle has opened nominations for the election of the Steering Group.  Anyone who reads this blog (if anyone does …) will probably not need any explanation of Digital Circle. New readers can start here: Digital Circle sprang from… Continue Reading →

iPad – I’m still unconvinced

I’m not the advert – I’m not a PC, but I use a PC. The cool design and the enthusiasm of friends for Apple products have often led me to the virtual door step of the Apple Online Store. I… Continue Reading →

Podcast: Tracey Lee Head of Emergency Services at Steria

Tracey Lee of Steria visited Belfast recently to present at the Mobile Solutuions for the Public Sector conference sponsored by Steria and organised by Momentum and Socitm. Afterwards I spoke to Tracey about Steria and Mobile Working. Listen to the… Continue Reading →

Google Buzz or Google Zzzz?

This is a version of my Belfast Telegraph column for this week:  Less than a month ago Google launched their social networking and messaging tool Google Buzz to a largely lukewarm reception.  In late 2007 Google acquired the Jaiku social… Continue Reading →

Match Media on the NITech Blog

Read all about it : Or Listen Here Posted via email from Davy Sims Posterous Site

Rise and Fall of the Twitter Generations

This is an extended version of my Belfast Telegraph column 16 Feb. A shiver ran round the corporate offices of technology, media and investment companies last summer. A 15 year old intern in Morgan Stanley said “Kids don’t use Twitter”.  Actually… Continue Reading →

Belfast Media Square Mile (and a bit)

This is not much more than a Sunday afternoon doodle locating the creative and digital industries (and related offices) around approximately a square mile in Belfast. View Media Square Mile (and a bit) in a larger map The idea came… Continue Reading →

Ten rules for success in the creative industries

About a year ago I was at a discussion in Ofcom in Belfast where we were talking about Creative Industries and Digital Media. One session was led by Professor Paul Moore from University of Ulster Magee. He passed round a… Continue Reading →

A word with your customers

Belfast Telegraph Business Section have asked me to do an new monthy column as part of Web Watch – the editorial thrust is “how businesses can use the web”. In the first article I discuss using the web/internet to build a… Continue Reading →

Harrison Photography

John Harrison is one of Northern Ireland's news photography legends.  I was asked to write a profile about him which has just appeared in  "When John Harrison founded Harrison Photography in 1994, he didn’t realise that it would lead him… Continue Reading →

£950 million Green Data Centre for Scotland

Following the post yesterday about the DETI announcement  of £48 million on telecoms infrastructure, friend Bill McCluggage drew my attention to this:  Data centre to attract crucial investment He mentioned it in his Twitter stream yesterday too.  And he is… Continue Reading →

Visual Radio

My old friend John Ousby (The Fat Controller) recently having moved to Texas is now on a visit to Europe. This photo is on his Flickr feed.  This is something we were talking about five or six years ago.  And… Continue Reading →

Digital Circle Meets Irish Technology Leadership Group

Following the ITLG events on Wednesday (here) and (here) Matt, Aidan, Andy, Marty and I (most of the DC Steering Group) went to meet ITLG Chairman John Hartnett who is also President & Chief Executive Officer at G24 Innovations, Johnny Gilmore –… Continue Reading →

ITLG VC/CEO Panel Discussion

Next week (week beginning 19 October) the Irish Technology Leadership Group will be in Belfast. Among them, international investors will be looking for companies north and south to talk to and perhaps do business with. On Wednesday 21st a panel… Continue Reading →

Business looking to Acquire

A business in Belfast that I have been doing some work with is in “acquisition mode”.  They are looking to expand their multi-media portfolio and client base. They are a mature company well established in print, product design, and branding. … Continue Reading →

ITLG shortlists dozen Irish startups for “Silicon Valley Comes to Ireland” Belfast event

  Just got this from the Irish Technology Leadership Group who are visiting Belfast next month.  Four NI Tech companies on the short list.  Congratulations to them. Campbell, California, September 24, 2009 – Twelve high-potential technology companies from across Ireland, north… Continue Reading →

Look East young man/woman/developer

This morning was spent chairing a discussion on Creative Industries at ISEA.  First we were in a large acoustically dreadful room in BT Tower and thanks (and I do mean “thanks”) to a fire alarm, we were moved to a… Continue Reading →

Two new Twitter applications from Northern Ireland

This article appeared in the print only edition of the Belfast Telegraph 28 July 2009 Two Web developers in Northern Ireland have each just launched Twitter based websites and applications; and  TweetNI aggregates the latest messages from Northern… Continue Reading →

Profile of – Interview with Dave Patterson

“Whenever you say you’re developing a Search Engine people say ‘Well you’ve got Google, why are you wasting your time?’ and sometimes I wonder that myself.” Dave Patterson is in the conference room of the Technology and Engineering Innovation Centre… Continue Reading →

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