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Brittania’s faded grandeur

I read the reviews of this hotel on Tripadvisor (which I have found less and less reliable over the years) after booking it and was horrified. What sort of mistake did I make? Should I cancel and loose my reservation fee or, as I was only staying one night and leaving early should I tough it out?

Best pizza in Bled – these are my favourites

These are personal favourites. They are all good in their own way.

Lake Bled – some of the best bars and pubs

Most “pubs” are also restaurants. But there are a few really good bars. The best are for locals,

A quick coffee by Lake Bled (and tea, too)

Slovenia is a coffee drinking nation. Coffee is often not a destination, but a pitstop on the way. That is reflected in the wide availability and sometimes limited choice.

Matjaž Repnik – Diving in Lake Bled

Matjaž Repnik has been teaching diving at Lake Bled for about three years. He and other enthusiasts also participate in the annual lake clean up.

Around the World 21 June 2019 – Playlist

This is the planned playlist for the show and the stream version.
You can read and hear more about the Sarajevo visit here on the blog.

A quick visit to Sarajevo – for music, beer, and heat.

It has been a long held ambition to visit Sarajevo and another to see Mostar Sevdah Reunion in concert. When it became possible to do both and go to a beer festival, I grabbed the chance.

Janez Fajfar re-elected Mayor of Bled

Župan Janez Fajfar has been re-elected mayor of Bled once again. He was standing unopposed. Here is an interview he did for the Firsthand Guide to Bled.

Pod Lipo Restaurant Ljubljana

Staying in an Air B&B on Rimska cesta Ljubljana took us from our usual patch in the old town and led us to do what I enjoy most, exploring.

Travelling between Ljubljana and Dublin January 2017

I spent a lot of time travelling in January. I had started teaching in Dublin again and was living in Slovenia. Transport between the two is not easy. So I found myself trying different routes, partly to see what can be done on a budget and partly because I had the time to experiment.

Music walk around old town Ljubljana

I was in Ljubljana on a Saturday morning to record some of the sounds of the streets. Particularly the street music and the other music seeping out of buildings in the historic old town.

Hotel Review: Grand Union Hotel, Ljubljana

Union is a stylish, very well maintained hotel. The new room was large, fresh as a daisy and had a view of that wonderful building opposite. Although the city was heaving outside, once the curtains were closed, there was no sound from outside.


I spent about two and a half hours wandering around the old Slovenian town Tržič, which is a short drive on the highway from Bled, but a much longer – and significantly more interesting journey by bus. This post features video audio and photos.

Ljubljana Christmas Lights

As Dawn and I stood on the Triple Bridge on a damp Friday evening, there were voices around us from well beyond Ljubljana and Slovenia – Spain, France, Canada, USA, and goodness knows where else.  And with a count down… Continue Reading →

Antiq Palace Hotel review

Ljubljana is one of my favourite cities in the world – and I have been to many. I’m lucky to visit Ljubljana quite often these days. The city has a number of very good hotels and I have stayed in several. But now I have found the Antiq Palace, it’s unlikely I will try any others.

The Summer of the Mobile Wielding Tourist

Across Europe, across the world mobile Internet access is eclipsing desktop and laptop usage. Mobile phones and tablets are becoming the most common way to use the Internet.

The start of the Bled Film Festival today is the beginning of a series of festivals and events that takes us from mid-June to close to the end of August with barely a break. One night last summer I left… Continue Reading →

Dinner at A l’Art Bled – Vila Istra

This is a review written for Trip Advisor This was the most inventive and memorable dinner I have had in many years. A good dinner is not just about sitting down and eating; it is about the whole experience and… Continue Reading →

It’s Elemental

Blogging in #Bled: It’s elemental  10,000 candles on #LakeBled

In praise of easyJet … Honest!

In praise of a budget airline with world class standards. The the last three years I have taken between 20 and 30 flights on easyJet. It has been consistently good to a pleasure. And half of those flights have been… Continue Reading →

You’ll never go hungry in Holywood – Third Edition

For such a small town, there are an awfully big number of places to eat.

Paris has changed!

Paris has changed. Not for the better. Not for the worse. Just different. For example, I was standing outside Telegraphe Metro trying to match the Google Map print out to the intersecting roads surrounding me. When the old man started… Continue Reading →

Davy and Dawn’s Big Adventure

A few days ago I told the team I work with at WIMPS ( that I am leaving Public Achievement. It was neither an easy nor snap decision. I have been with PA since January 2011. Next Monday (31 March),… Continue Reading →

Ljubljana Airport Business Lounge

I have written about this lounge before. It is probably one of my favourites. It is not big or fancy. It is simple with just about everything you need. Lets start with Lasčo beer on tap, nice little bowls of… Continue Reading →

Using Traditional and New Media For Campaigns Against Prejudice, Xenophobia and Discrimination

The December meeting of the Grundvig group was held in Cezayir Istanbul. These are some of the social media links to resources and work of some of the people and organisations who presented to the group. Ekran Saka a professor… Continue Reading →

Top 12 Moments 2013

I started trying to highlight 10 moments through the year but it was difficult enough to keep it down to 12.

Tulip City Hotel, Istanbul

Review in Trip Advisor  I was on business and attending meetings nearby. One of the reasons I chose Tulip City was that it was recommended by colleagues in Istanbul and the price which was fantastic value for money. I didn’t… Continue Reading →

How travel has changed in under two decades

I have travelled a lot since the mid 1990s. This week I was in Istanbul for the first time since 1996 and I began to think about how travel has changed. Here are 15 thoughts. There are plenty more. This… Continue Reading →

Airport Lounge: No 1 Stansted

Now don’t get confused. There are two No 1 Gatwicks; domestic and international. If you are on a domestic flight and go to the international, it causes all sorts of problems and hullabaloos. The international is at Gate 16. The… Continue Reading →

Airport Lounge S. Gokcen Istanbul

Small comfortable lounge with snacks, soft drinks, beer, wine. No hot food when I was there at breakfast time, but there was cereal, sandwiches. Good Lavazza coffee. TV tuned to music channel. Turkish news papers a few English language mazazines…. Continue Reading →

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