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Around the World 20 September 2019 – Playlist

This is the running order and programme notes for my global mix of World Music “Around the World” on Slice Audio.

A quick visit to Sarajevo – for music, beer, and heat.

It has been a long held ambition to visit Sarajevo and another to see Mostar Sevdah Reunion in concert. When it became possible to do both and go to a beer festival, I grabbed the chance.

Around the World 31 May 2019

The Around the World running order and programme to download or stream from 31 May 2019

Around the World Playlist 29 March 2019

Here is the playlist, and the download version.

My new Mixcloud channel

After much messing about I have signed up to Mixcloud to try it out. Not so many clever mixes, more a playlist. 

This is a Song from Europe part 1 (there may be more) and the first episode on what I call Davy Sims’s World Music Radio.

Mediterranean Music – Gibraltar

The beginning of the journey and the beginning of the project. The search for interesting and challenging music around the Mediterranean starting in Gibraltar.

Abavuki: Jazz from South Africa’s Cape

I love Abavuki. They are the most energetic band I have ever seen. The Marimba led multi-instrumentalists change the stage line-up through their performance.

Mariza: Fado singer from Portugal

So today to my surprise and delight I have been listening to Mariza and in particular her new album Mundo.

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