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The best and most detailed Firsthand Guide to Bled, ever!

Firsthand Guide to Bled Slovenia

The 2018 Firsthand Guide to Bled Slovenia is the most detailed yet and it’s not just for the summer.

The Guide covers the whole year in Bled and it also has enough information to help you plan next year in and around Lake Bled, the town and the surrounding area.

The books have dozens of reviews and recommendations such as:

  • Places to eat and drink
  • Things to do and see
  • Local people’s insights about the best of Bled
  • Slovenian food and wine
  • Slovenian language
  • Places to go beyond Bled

And you will find:

  • Interviews with people who make the town the wonderful place it is (not in Shorter Editions)
  • Real detailed advice about getting there, and getting around
  • Top recommendations if you have limited time and budget
  • Advice on how to make the best of your time there.

There are three editions each on Kindle and in paperback.


If you are already in Bled, you can download a book and the podcast to your phone from Amazon.

The Shorter edition has all the info for a quick visit including reviews and recommendations, not just for summer, but the whole year.
The Standard goes further with info about the best in Slovenian food and restaurants beyond Bled and the wine growing regions.
The Special also contains more information and photographs of Bled and Lake Bled year round.
Available on Amazon only.

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Shorter Edition 2018:

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Special Edition 2018:
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The books are for anyone who is travelling independently and holidaymakers who want to get to know the town quickly to get the most from their stay.  The books are packed with important information from who to turn to in emergencies, through to where to find the best cake shop. And people who live in Bled will give you their insider knowledge on places to go and what to see.

  • If you arrive in Bled by bus, should you turn right or left to find the lake when you get off? Either, if you turn right, take the next left. If you turn left take the first right.
  • If you want to find out more about Slovenian wine, where should you go? For a good selection at affordable prices try Zdravljica a two minute walk from the bus station.
  • You want to buy something unique and about Bled, where should you go? Speak to the man who designs his own unique jewelry. More information in the book 
  • Where is the nearest cash machine? There are six. Where are you?
  • Where is the nearest launderette? Try Speed Queen Prešernova cesta 50, 4260 Bled

The music, sport and music highlights of the year, entertainment for children at the Castle and some of the lesser known events. Activities in Bled are not ust focused on eight weeks in the summer, it is a 12 month destination with secrets to share. And many locals do share their insider knowledge of the town.The author, Davy Sims is a former BBC producer. He has lived in Bled for more than a year over a period of three years. He first visited in 1996 to produce a travel report about Slovenia. While he was there, he rang the Wishing Bell in the church on the island and wished to return – and did many times before his extended stays. He knows where to get the best pizza, the best easy walks and some wonderful people who have become friends.




Podcasting for Journalism Students

The book is for young, trainee, or student journalists not specialising in broadcast media. It is an introduction to “making content”, podcasting and broadcasting whether you want to understand production on a professional level or simply because you want to create podcasts for fun or add something useful to your CV. 

It is a result of experience teaching radio production to journalism BA students in Dublin. Most, but not all these pages are the module and support notes. The book is part of the “Podcasting For …” project which includes podcasts and the blog. 

Contents include:

  • Deciding on your purpose
  • The Production Team
  • Roles of the editor, producer, assistant producer, presenters, reporters, researchers
  • Turning the Prospects into the Running Order
  • Essential Skills: writing, reading and “marking up” a script, interviewing, planning the interview, doing an interview, 
    Programme structure, 
  • Recording in and out of the studio, equipment (studio, microphones, recorders), using a smartphone, using a digital recorder.
  • How to edit using a computer and audio editing software, 
  • Programme making including structure, show notes, advertising, sponsors and other non-production credits
  • Podcast platforms, blog and social media, making the mp3 audio file, setting up your podcast host, registering with iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn.
  • Digital Promotions, using Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Using more traditional methods of promoting.
  • Managing the online community Drawing up the guidelines
  • Copyright. Staying within the law.

Podcasting for Community Organisations

 podcasting-for-community-organisationsThe first edition of “Podcasting for Communities” was published in September 2016. It forms the basis for this book but the name change is to make it clear that the expected audience and readership will be from community organisations. The “Podcasting For …” project includes the blog and podcast interviews with experienced radio and podcast professionals. Additional information related to this and other books in the “Podcasting For …” series is added regularly to the blog. You are encouraged to visit it and engage with the author and other readers. The book is mainly about producing audio content. It is also relevant to people producing programmes on local or community radio stations. Even if you are an individual who wants to learn and produce a solo podcast, or a couple or three friends who want to record a weekly discussion, the information here will be relevant and I hope useful to you. The emphasis is on producing audio podcasts – or as we usually call it … radio. If you are new to the concept of podcasts, or already have some radio production experience then this book is for you.