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Davy Sims
Davy Sims
Bled Castle's Lea Ferjan - Bled Stories

This is a classic view of Bled Castle (above) near Vila Prešeren one of the best restaurants and hotels in Bled.

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When I went to speak to Lea Ferjan from Bled Castle, it was September 2018. The day was warm for the time of year – there was a hint of autumn and the colours are about to change.

Bled Castle has been there for over 1000 years. Below the cliff – the swimming area. A little closer there were pletna idling in the sun and the swans and ducks near where at the height of the summer the place where the water lilies bloom.

Lea Ferjan was born in Bled. She walks from her home along the lake shore every day to her office – sometimes in the Castle, sometimes at Festival Hall.

And she tells me there are two names for the people who live here. Those who were born here have one name, those who moved here have another.

The island over in the distance, but there are a few rain clouds were gathering and the forecast for the rest of the day was showers. To the Festival Hall to see Lea at the Cultural Institute offices.


This is Bled Stories. I’m Davy Sims – I wrote Firsthand Guide to Bled and when I’m lucky get to live here, sometimes for months at a time.

This is a classic view of Bled Castle (above) near Vila Prešeren one of the best restaurants and hotels in Bled.

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The Firsthand Guide to Bled 2018 is no longer available as a book or for Kindle. It is not yet completly out of date and you can download a PDF free. 


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Bled Castle character at Hallowe’en


New interactive audio visual show in the castle

The Music

The theme music is Rate Sheet by Blue Dot Sessions from the Free Music Archive


Bled Castle at night

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