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  • Domen from 3glav Adventures – Bled Stories podcast

    The first stop for adventure seekers in Bled is an old green shack. It looks a little out of place and a little out of time. Domen tells the story.

  • Antimuseum Bled – Bled Stories podcast

    Explore amazing science experiments at the Antimuseum in Bled Slovenia. Book ahead to get a personal tour.

  • Mikame Craft Shop – Bled Stories podcast:Mikame Craft Shop – Bled Stories podcast:

    Mikame Craft Shop – Bled Stories podcast

    It is early May 2018. A quiet Wednesday morning - about 10:00 am. This part of the town is still getting into gear. Shops are opening, not many customers yet. Delivery vans are delivering, shop keepers are keeping each other company, coffee is being sipped where last night beer and wine were being served. The alpine air is fresh and Jakob Ribnikar is opening his shop Mikame. It's a tiny place, dwarfed by the Devil Bar next door, you could miss it. But don’t - it is packed with local crafts. The address is Cesta svobode 15 4260 Bled Slovenia - info@mikame.si and the website www.mikame.si