Restaurants and Cafes in Ljubljana – some suggestions

A friend of a friend emailed me. He and his wife were going to Slovenia for a holiday and he would be grateful for any suggestions. The Visit Ljubljana website is excellent for places to go and things to do, but I think personal recommendations are better for restaurants and cafes (beats TripAdvisor hands down to actually speak to someone).

Last week an other friend of a relative said he was going to Ljubljana and Bled and asked for suggestions. So here are a few thoughts on restaurants in Ljubljana. Fir information on Bled, I have written this book.

Rok’s Funeral

Ljubljana February 14 2013 The priest recites prayerful rhythms I partly recognise. “This must be the ‘Glory Be’… This must be the ‘Our Father’ … ” as we call these prayers at home twelve hundred miles away from this Alpine village where the evergreens are white today. —— Snow is falling in Gatwick as the Read more about Rok’s Funeral[…]

Going for a drink in Slovenia

Although this was posted in 2008, it was written in 1996. Slovenia has seen many positive changes since then and is even more enchanting. Janez drives an old yellow Zastafa 750 motorcar. It splutters and hiccoughs its way up the steep hills around Bled. From Bled Castle 300 meters high we gazed at the oval Read more about Going for a drink in Slovenia[…]