Right place – wrong time


I am in the wrong place.

Doing a little survey of the Bars in Bled … (how dare you suggest I’m on a pub crawl. This is for journalistic purposes …honest!). Anyway, having visited a few bars, thought I’d finish off in Pub Bled on the way home; a place I have been in many times in daytime hours.

It’s different at night.

Boys barely out of shorts in shorts and girls in even shorters. They look about 15 – I mean literally 15!  I have a feeling there is going to be a great party here tonight as soon as grandad in his unfortunate holiday shirt leaves. So, I am on my way before someone calls the peelers to report the old geezer in the corner … making notes

It’s very clean


Lake Bled

“It’s very clean.” That’s what most people say within a few minutes of being met at Ljubljana Airport. I guess it is the response I had too. Slovenia is very clean – certainly out here in the alpine and rural areas. Even Ljubljana – while it has its less attractive spots – is a fairly clean city. It was recently awarded the title European Green Capital Ljubljana and is the holder of a Tourism for Tomorrow 2015 award.

Up here in the Slovenian Alps, it’s also clean, as are the people who live and visit here. People fill the litter bins when they have finished eating, drinking or just hanging around.

It’s great being back home in Bled.



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Slovenian Flag flying from Bled Castle

Slovenian Flag flying from Bled Castle

I must confess I have not paid much attention to this blog over the last … well, a long time. When Dawn and I went to Slovenia in June 2014, I planned to write about our experiences in another blog , but that went the way of all good intentions.

What I missed of course, was a record of a wonderful six months. Yes there are photos and videos and memories, but sometimes it is good to look back on the impact at the time. So this is a reminder to me to blog this time.

While away I will be managing Lake Bled News – a small website for visitors to Bled

We leave for London in the morning (Sunday 3 May) and then on to Slovenia on Monday.

Me – Soft Machine – John Peel – Faces – 1972


It must have been 1974 or thereabouts. As I turns out it wasn’t — read on ….

It was the Top Gear 5th anniversary programme. This Top Gear was not a motoring programme – that was to come in a few years. Top Gear – who knows why it was called that [?]– was the name of John Peel’s radio programme on Radio 1.

My God it might have been 1972 … I was 16. Ohhhhhh it was!

Anyway, this week [starting 5 January 2015] “Marcus O’Dair’s biography of Robert Wyatt, a musical cult cum national treasure, is abridged in 5 parts by Katrin Williams”: has been on radio 4 — find it now on iPlayer. I’ve not thought of Wyatt as a national treasure before now, but I suppose he is. I do remember when he had the accident which left him as a wheel chair user, Peel asking people to send him letters. i started one – but figured I wasn’t smart enough to send a letter to Robert Wyatt, so didn’t.

I had a cassette – “Top Gear’s 5 anniversary programme” – so it was 1972. I recorded songs as Peel played them. While listening to the Radio 4 Programme this week all I could hear in my mind was this song which I had recorded on the cassette … tonight I found the song. In 1972, I stopped recording on my cassette machine at about 5 minutes in. Seriously – it is boring …. 4 years later Peel; would be promoting Clash and Pistols etc … This was the beginning of the end for Prog Rock ——
You youngsters … you have no idea. I hear a radio programme this week, I search YouTube tonight I find an obscure tune from my youth … and you share photos of cats.

Anyway if I remember rightly the next track was this from the Faces … much more fun than Soft Machine.

Now — go on — share your memory —-