Latest Audience Listening Figures in Northern Ireland

The RAJAR quarterly radio audience report just published shows that among Northern Ireland’s radio stations the BBC Radio Ulster/Foyle combo again leads the pack with 538000 listeners (reach 36%). COOL FM’s reach is up from 37% to 39% with 391000 listeners. RAJAR reports  “In Northern Ireland, U105 has recorded its best ever reach, with 237,000 listeners[…]


Latest Audience Listening Figures in Ireland

The Joint National Listenership Research (JNLR) annual survey has just been published.  “RTÉ Radio 1 kept its recovery going in the final months of 2015, but Today FM and RTÉ’s 2fm both saw their listener tallies slip, latest radio ratings show.” the Irish Times reports. Journal.ie which has an extensive and detailed report headlines “RTÉ Radio[…]

Radio Si

Should a government tell a radio station what records to play and when?

I don’t usually write about music radio even though it was the foundation of my broadcasting career. And while I haven’t worked in music radio for quite a few years, I am still professionally and personally interested in it. So when Slovenia’s English language radio station Radio Si contacted me to ask what I thought[…]

On the eve of the Bled Strategic Forum

The black limousines with the darkened windows are heading up the hill to the Vila Bled again today. The BMW shuttle service brings some of the most politically influential individuals in the south western Europe and Balkans region to hotels around Lake Bled. Their four and five star passengers delivered to suitably matching accommodation in[…]

Abavuki at Okarina

Read more at LakeBledNews.com It was like this —- but even better. Hot African vibes meet damp #Bled weather, but the show must go on, so we are inside for Abavuka at #Okarina tonight pic.twitter.com/6D0UqN1hbi — Lake Bled News (@LakeBledNews) July 29, 2015 Leo Ličof introduces @AbavukiMusic at #Okarina #Bled pic.twitter.com/J04qfwxVNt — Lake Bled News[…]

Profile – Leo Ličof Founder And Artistic Director Of The Okarina Festival

“I considered myself, even today, but back then when I was younger, to be a rare bird.” Leo Ličof is founder and artistic director of the Okarina Festival which celebrates its 25th anniversary this summer. We met in his restaurant Okarina to look back at the festival’s history and forward because even after 25 years,[…]